More supporters join #Emerging Proud!

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I am delighted and so grateful that three more fabulous ‘supporters’ have joined to cheer on #Emerging Proud in the last week!

The ‘Only Us’ campaign, which aims to reconnect us as simply ‘human’, says;

“When we seperate ourselves and imagine humanity divided into two different groups we hurt those labelled as sick, ill, even mad. We allow stigma, prejudice and exclusion to ruin potentially good and creative lives. But we also hurt ourselves, because we stress ourselves out with false smiles and suppression of our own vulnerabilities. Don’t be afraid of your vulnerability, your sensitivity, your ‘mad’ side. Be bold, and if you’ve ever experienced a mental health issue (diagnosed or not) or want to stand alongside those who have, get yourself a smiley teary badge and spread the message!”

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 18.51.36.png

Get your Only Us campaign badge here

You can follow Only Us on Twitter @OnlyUscampaign

We will hear more about ‘Healing Voices’ and their ‘Healing Communities’ campaign very soon, but to find out more about their powerful movie before it premieres on 2nd May 2017, CLICK HERE 


And last, but certainly not least, thanks to our fabulous Italian colleagues, the Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan is also on board to spread the message. To find out about their training, therapy and research work, CLICK HERE

logo iti ombra ok trasp

The only way to create change is together…and the tide is turning towards the new paradigm. If you are a representative of, or know of an organisation that might like to join, please CONTACT ME; thank you ❤

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