Veronica from Pennsylvania #Emerges Proud today to talk breakdown – breakthrough…

Veronica Wise hasn’t had an easy ride, but she #Emerges Proud to tell us all about how she now sees her breakdown as a breakthrough; transforming her pain into a gift that now fuels her desire to help others:

Veronica says:

“There is an opposite force in all that happens in your life.

When you feel horrible about something, when you are down, when you feel like there is no hope….LOOK and you will find!

I would not be here right now…where I am…had I not been adopted, emotionally abused growing up, the poor kid at a rich kids high school, the youngest “kid” at my job who was being groomed for corporate greatness, the youngest mom and wife with the weight of the world on her shoulders during my twenties that eventually led to my breakdown and what I thought was my ultimate shame and demise. All on the heels of my sister passing.

That led into a decade of doctors and breakdowns and more shame.

Trying to rebuild what I once knew and held dear to my heart only to fail over and over and over.

My divorce and the shame of him sending me to jail after almost 18 years together. All on the heels of my mom passing.

The shame of not seeing my children.

Of being shamed into hiding and then ultimately trying to kill my self 3 times in 2015 after I lost the second of 2 pregnancies because I thought I had nothing left to give.

I lived in this state for so long than it became a part of me and I never thought I would see the light of day again.

The pain of being “alone” on this twisted journey was so much greater than me. I just thought I would do the rest of the world a favour because I was exhausted. I had given everything I had and told God:

“If this bullshit is all you have to offer me after I have shed blood, sweat and tears to not only improve the lives of everyone around me and then get pissed on in the end…I don’t want any parts of this anymore…F**K YOU”

But he did not let me go.

So I was left.

Left to think…to be angry with him for not taking the pain away. I would try to drink it away…read it away…work it away…waste my days away in retaliation for what “he’s” done to me.

As I was doing this…I came to see that all of my fighting and resistance only delayed my healing.

I knew that…but I fought anyway. Because I didn’t want to be the strong one anymore. I had been the strongest person I knew before 2005. And I lost her. She was my best friend and I lost her.

But looking back now….I never lost her. She is a little girl inside of me that never left.

She’s the little 4 year old who knew she was adopted…the oldest of 3 who has a mission and always did. To make the family I know exists out there but didn’t have the wherewithal to raise me know that I will be someone some day.

We all have a story. 

And I’m proud to say I’ve survived mine because I know it will help others too.”

We’re wishing Veronica well for her mission ahead! ❤


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