#Emerging Proud update; submission deadline looming!


A HUGE thank you to all of you who have bravely #Emerged Proud so far to end the stigma of spiritual experiences and reframe mental distress as a potentially positive transformation process.

It’s now time to start the hard work of analysing, editing and collating all of your stories and voices into the official #Emerging Proud FILM!

If you’d still like the chance to appear in the blog or final film, please submit the following BY THE END OF FEB 2017:

  • A picture of you stepping out of a closet in as high a resolution as possible
  • Your name / geographical location to use with your picture
  • Your personal awakening story in approx 500 words to feature in the #EP book
  • A 2 min video clip via a YouTube link stating what initiated your awakening experience, some examples of what it looked like (what did you experience?), and how it has transformed your life….or anything else related that you want to say!

Please email the above to: mendthegap@hotmail.com 


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