Fabrizio D’Altilia #Emerges Proud to tell you all about the Spiritual Emergence Network that is developing in Italy

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Introducing the Italian SEN team:

Elena Toscan, PHD                          Fabrizio D’Altilia, PHD                      Loretta Iluminati, PHD

Fabrizio d’Altilia PhD describes himself as a compassionate researcher in the arts of “know thyself”.

Counsellor, sociologist and anthropologist of religions, he has specialized in eastern and comparative philosophies, and is an expert in integral and transpersonal psychology.

With fifteen years of experience in studies and practices dealing with discomfort and evolutionary journeys, in psycho-social and intercultural contexts, he now lives and works as a counsellor and a group trainer in “Centro OM” of Saludecio (Rimini), which he opened together with the psychotherapist Loretta Illuminati PhD, as a separate branch of the Integral Transpersonal Institute / OM Association of Milan.

Feeling the narrowness of the institutional conventional way of thinking, he works and researches by a synthesis of different body-mind and socio-educational approaches, spiritual and perennial wisdoms, towards a global approach in self-realization that is purified from the clichés of new-age, of the sects and the pseudo-gurus.

He gives conferences, lectures, seminars, trainings, and workshops about different topics of psychology, wisdom and spirituality, such as: theoretical-practical circles, meditations, practices with myths, archetypes and imagination, eastern educational psychology, spiritual emergences, guru-busting, thanatology, criticism to the academic psychologies, anti-speciesism, sustainability and new lifestyles.

Elena, Fabrizio and Loretta are perfect examples of living their Hero’s journey; all having been through a personal spiritual emergence process, they now dedicate their lives to help others going through the same…

Contact details for the team:

* FABRIZIO D’ALTILIA (Facebook profile)

E-MAIL:   f.daltilia@gmail.com

* OM CENTRE of Saludecio (Rimini)

Transpersonal Psychology and Counselling

Loretta Illuminati & Fabrizio d’Altilia  www.facebook.com/OMSaludecio

* ELENA TOSCAN (Facebook profile)

E-MAIL:     ele.toscan@gmail.com

Find Elena’s book here: Venne l’alba – la sfida evolutiva della crisi spirituale


directed by Prof. PIER LUIGI LATTUADA MD PhD



Grazie SEN Italy, love from all at ISEN ❤


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