What does living a transformed, conscious life look like for YOU?

Have you experienced a spiritual awakening which has profoundly transformed your life?

If you could depict your transformation in a single picture, what would that look like?



Would you like to feature in the crescendo scene of the #Emerging Proud film and help to create a powerful message that will go out to the world?

Together we can prove that mental distress, if framed and supported in an empowering way, can lead to a positive transformation process for living an enriched and fulfilling life…

What does the picture of your transformation involve?

It might include you swinging on a swing or rolling down a hill, having reintegrated your playful side…

or it might be you being creative; playing a musical instrument or making art…

it might depict you enjoying time in nature or laughing with a group of new friends…or in the arms of a new love.

What does living a conscious, spiritually – awakened life mean for you?

If you’d like the chance to have your picture feature in the film, please send me ONE image  of yourself  (in a high a resolution as possible), with your name and geographical location to: mendthegap@hotmail.com 

Thank you! ❤





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