International Emerging Proud Day’s 5th Anniversary

What a ride, we made it to 5!

Since Emerging Proud launched across 14 locations in 12 countries on 12th May 2017, together we’ve achieved all of this amazing stuff as a community:

  • Producing a collaborative film, with personal stories, music and artwork donated by members
  • Initiating the International Spiritual Emergence Network (ISEN)
  • Hosting multiple conferences across the globe each year
  • We’ve published a total of 8 books, 6 of which were published by our own not-for-profit publishing company, Emerging Proud Press, founded in 2019
  • Given away over 500 free copies of the Emerging Proud through… Pocket Books of Hope with the proceeds from books you bought
  • Contributed to the Power Threat Meaning Framework, who are developing a ‘pattern’ dedicated to Spiritual Emergence, in order that it can be recognised and supported more appropriately

PHEW! That’s not bad going considering we’ve done all this with very little funding – what this shows, is that if we come together and believe, anything is possible. By ‘we’, I mean ‘us’, the EP community. None of this would have been possible without YOU. Thank you, so much.

So what’s next for Emerging Proud?

In all honesty, I don’t know, and I think that’s the best way…it’s time to let the toddler walk free.

This movement has its own momentum and I want it to be owned by all of us. So please, take it, care for it as you would a toddler – impart your wisdom, help it to grow.

Together we’ve emerged and have our own role to play in this great unfolding, what a time to be alive – this is no time for hiding in closets!

Happy Emerging Proud day to us all!

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1 Response to International Emerging Proud Day’s 5th Anniversary

  1. positoneuk says:

    Hi Katie

    Awesome thank you!

    I always remember 12 May as #EmergingProud day in the mental health awareness month of May ❤️

    I hope you are doing great and all is good.

    Warm Hugs of Love Jenny

    PosiTone Tel: + 44 7850 591944

    Come connect with me on

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