Muslims Emerging Proud through Mental Distress, set to break barriers for the Muslim community

Muslims Emerging Proud through Mental Distress is both a fascinating and empowering collection of experiences.

As we know, trauma can befall anyone, and this incredible book offers hope and inspiration to those experiencing Trauma.

The lived experiences featured in this pocketbook are full of humanity, compassion and determination.

As a Muslim, I resonated with many of the narratives and challenges expressed in this book. I believe this book is essential reading for anyone interested in understanding trauma from a Muslim perspective.

Although awareness surrounding mental health has increased over the years, we still have some way to go regarding the stigma surrounding it. This book will be instrumental in breaking down some of the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, especially within the Muslim community.

I deeply appreciate this book coming into existence and am in awe of the brave individuals that shared their stories”.  Zainab Rahman 

The book is packed full of inspiring stories, quotes and poetry, like this one from our team member Sophia…

Watch this space for more news on this publication, due in September 2021

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