Muslims #Emerging Proud through Mental Distress

Our 6th Pocket Book of Hope in the KindaProud series 

We are currently seeking Muslims who have been through difficulties and challenges with their mental health to contribute to this pocketbook of hope; 

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Why is this important? 

This groundbreaking book in this wonderful series is aimed at breaking the silence and stigma in Muslim communities around mental health issues, providing a platform to share recovery stories and giving hope and inspiration to our friends, families and communities. All contributions will be published on the #EmergingProud blog, and with enough contributors we will be able to publish both a hard copy and EBook which can then be circulated far and wide inshaAllah!

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If you are feeling unsure about sharing your story openly please take some time to read our first set of stories below; we hope you will see that the bravery of these women to be vulnerable and share some of their experiences is one that will lead to building greater understanding, compassion, and hope for our communities especially in the challenges we face as Muslims in the modern world today. Sharing human pain will connect us, helping to build bridges and end the stigmas we face. If you decide to share, you will be supported along the process.

Dr Sara Betteridge instigated this innovative book, and you can read her personal story here;

Sara knows that the divine path she is walking as a Muslim Psychologist is no coincidence  

Sara says; If you have found my story important and inspiring please continue to read these courageous stories below from people who have lived experience of these issues and I’m sure you will find their journey’s of recovery both inspiring and full of hope. Please share the stories to encourage others to come forward and share their experiences and add to this project of transformation and hope. 

Examples of stories we are seeking…

The first Peer Experiencer story is from our Rep for the book Ayan Hussein…

Interview with our fabulous Muslim team for one of next Kinda Proud publications;

Muslims #Emerging Proud through Mental Distress 

And more from our other inspiring contributors;

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Do you identify as a Muslim having been through emotional distress which has made you stronger? Would you like to join the other brave voices aiming to end this silent stigma and #Emerge Proud for your community and humanity united?

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