Carer’s (‘Holders’) Research Study – your participation appreciated

We would like to invite you to take part in a research study sponsored by Safely Held Spaces.  

Safely Held Spaces, is a mental health initiative, whose vision is of safe, compassionate, empowering support in local communities in the UK for people experiencing extreme mental and emotional distress, often called psychosis, and for those supporting them. 

Supporting someone who is experiencing mental and emotional distress and altered states of mind can be challenging. We know that support from friends and family is really important, but we don’t know much about what it’s like for the friends or family who give their support. We also don’t know how their experience changes over time. This study, sponsored by Safely Held Spaces, hopes to help fill these gaps.

If you are a friend or family member of someone who experiences altered states of mind, often referred to as psychosis, and who is based in the UK, then you can take part in this study.

To take part you will need 40 minutes to complete the survey. The survey is completely anonymous and your responses cannot be used to identify you. It will be open until the end of April.

The survey is here:

The findings from this study will be submitted for publication in a peer reviewed journal and presented at meetings and conferences. The findings will also be shared with influencers, mental health services and other organisations supporting family and friends. 

Many thanks for your support with this project!

Best wishes

The Safely Held Spaces team (friends of #Emerging Proud)


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1 Response to Carer’s (‘Holders’) Research Study – your participation appreciated

  1. PosiTone® says:

    Fantastic Katie, I will definitely do this! Hope you are keeping well lovely 🤗BIG HUGS🤗 Love Jen xx

    Best Wishes Jenny

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