Some words from the community, In loving memory of our Positivity Princess Kelly

For a tiny person, Kelly had an enormous heart and an infectious energy that touched so many souls.

Here are some dedications to and reflections of her precious life from the #EP community… ❤

For Kelly,

My siSTAR, I hope that wherever you are now it is a place of peace, freedom, and all the sparkliness you brought to the lives of so many. Thank you for sharing your story, your struggles, and your vision of a better world (on this planet and beyond). Thank you for your playfulness, the laughter, and your ability to keep things light even in dark times. Thank you for your depth and openness in sharing the unfolding of your life as it happened. Most importantly, thank you for your one of a kind presence. Shine on, sweet soul.

Love,  Nicole

Dearest Kelly, 

I am so in gratitude to have had the privilege of knowing you and developing the relationship that you would have with a close sister, we spent so much precious time together to the point we were given the nickname KK. 

We had so many amazing adventures together we had laughter, cried and created, felt pure euphoria and also the depths of despair together.  I can only describe our time together as riding the most exhilarating roller coaster. Our favourite saying was “shine so brightly that everyone around you needs to wear sunglasses” and boy oh boy did you shine like the positivity princess you were. I have never met anyone quite like you and probably never will in this lifetime.  You had such a beautiful expansive heart that you would share with anyone and everyone and you always left a sparkly trail of glitter wherever you went. I’m so sorry I couldn’t have done more to support you but what I do know is that you are home, you took your power back when you thought you had lost it and I’m sure you are riding around on your unicorn and creating mischief with all the other beautiful souls.

I know you will be at peace now and reunited with your dad which I know was going to be so special for you both. Until we meet again and are reunited as KK keep shining Kelly Walsh.  

I love you, Kirsty

My darling friend Kelly, you were a light for so many and certainly helped me through some shaky times since we met in 2011. I remember that day so well, we were paired together on a training day and from that day on we formed a bond. Over the years we have shared so much, you were my very own positivity princess. You were so strong, yet so frail, you were happy, yet so sad inside, you were trusting, yet almost sometimes too much. You were so much to me and others. Your transition has meant a light has gone off in the hallway of life however I know that you are indeed there for me just a heartbeat away, I will cherish the memories we made, RIP Kelly – I certainly will miss you.  


Poem dedication from Tony: 

Her light is not extinguished

Only her body is relinquished

The sparkle she exhibited

Will never be inhibited

Every piece of stardust twinkle

Every work of Love generously sprinkled

Shines as bright as a Glorious Nova

Only her earthly life is over

As the heavens accept her energy

Know you are wrapped in her loving, Living synergy


Kelly, you showed me things I could only ever dream of, you’re my special angel and I will alway cherish our conversations and  times together over the years.

Be at peace.

Much love, Tony

Such a tragic loss for everyone affected within this Community, and your loved ones 💗

You gave me hope by publishing my own  journey & my Huns Legacy…. in “The Emerging Proud Through Suicide” Pocket Book Of Hope Series 💗

Kelly……Your own message of hope for those affected by Suicide, will now very much become a part of your own Legacy always! May you now be at peace 💗

Love Dee 

Kelly was a special soul who inspired many people with her honesty, humour and willingness to help. She envisioned a world where people’s hearts would be open to “Love, Care and Share”. Kelly was very open about the difficulties she had experienced in her past, and it was devastating to hear the tragic news that she had taken her life. Times like this remind us that adverse events and other pressures can have a terrible impact on our lives, leaving us feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed. It also reminds us that we need to do much more as a society to help each other when life becomes ‘too much’. Kelly’s memory will live on through the wise and compassionate messages in her books, and also in our cherished memories of her. Yet, Kelly’s vision will also live on through each of us whenever our hearts are open to “Love, Care and Share”.

Thank you Kelly and may you rest in peace. Love Mick Collins

Memories of our dear Soul SiStar Kelly

Reflecting upon the short time I knew Kelly the abiding memory is one of the unlimited passion and unbridled enthusiasm she had for life and her desire to help others. She was one of the brightest, most caring, loving and compassionate people I have been blessed to meet in recent years.

I first met Kelly when Katie screened the Emerging Proud film at The Wonder Inn in Manchester in July 2017. We immediately connected at a soul level as we we shared our experiences of surviving suicide attempts and having been in the mental health system. Her warmth, compassion and open mindness were apparent.

Over the past three and half years I came to know Kelly I witnessed her rapid spiritual growth and sadly that did descend into long periods of the dark night of the soul. The boundless energy and love that Kelly gave to the world came at a price. She was always there for others but being an empath she was unable to maintain that level of compassion for any sustained period. During this last year she recovered from what we had all hoped was a final deep depression and reconnected with Andy, the man she was due to marry. She was so happy in those few months they were living together and it is that time I will always keep in my thoughts. 

Kelly absolutely loved children, they reflected that part within her that was so innocent and childlike. The work she began as the Positivity Princess I am sure will never be forgotten alongside her contribution to Emerging Proud and her story of her near death experience in the book which she co-wrote with Penny Satori, helping to give others the voice to share their experiences.

Kelly I know that in your short time here you touched the lives of many people through your endless love and compassion for others. You were and remain a beacon of light and I only wish you could still be here to fulfill your life’s dream of making this place a better for everyone but especially the children. Your light only shines stronger because of your absence as I know this will bring our community closer together. Love you to the stars and back.

Kelly sent me a card last year, on the front is a picture of an angel sitting on the moon and on the back it is written in capital letters WATCHING OVER US. Well Kelly you are certainly doing that today, bless you angel. 

Michelle Muller

Our dear Kelly Michelle Walsh was an earth Angel, sent to this earth to touch the hearts of all she met and would inspire so many on her journey. Her beautiful smile could light up a room so bright, her love and joy was infectious.
It was impossible to be in her presence and not laugh and feel happy. Kelly had a heart of pure Gold. But she would never admit it, no. I used to call her my little Mother Teresa. She would just Laugh and say “I don’t think so Angel”.
Kelly didn’t have a charmed life but, she always saw the good, the kindness and the love in people. She was our Positivity Princess. With a Positive Love Power Bright.
I Love you and will always miss you dear Kelly.
We were meant to grow old and silly together.
Katherine Baldwin Thomson 💖🌷

Kelly was a beautiful and delicate soul who was such a positive energetic force. I had lunch with her once in a cafe in Manchester and when I came out the world seem to be full of new possibilities. She was so full of positive ideas and so keen to make a difference. It was invigorating to be in her company. A year or so later we did talks at the same event – it was the first time she had ever spoken in public and she was very nervous but came over brilliantly. She was so authentic and radiant that everyone loved her. I loved the book on Near-Death Experiences she co-authored with Penny Sartori. She gave so much over the last few years, and I never thought that her time would be so short. It was a pleasure knowing you Kelly! All the best to you, wherever you are now.

Steve Taylor

Kelly’s magic will continue for an eternity

It was  a hugely challenging decision as a friend and Publisher to decide whether to continue to promote the book that Kelly was both Rep for and hugely passionate about in the circumstances, but ultimately we decided that Kelly would have wished for her message of  hope and encouragement to continue in the wish that other lives can be saved.

We have updated the manuscript with a dedication to Kelly.

Kelly had unbounded energy and enthusiasm for doing this work, and in this book her voice, loving spirit, positivity and magic can live on.  


At Emerging Proud Press we are passionate about making sure this information reaches those who may be unable to afford to purchase a book, and so we use all proceeds from book sales to distribute free copies to mental health service providers worldwide.

Please rest assured that if you purchase a book your donation will also help others.

This book is dedicated to all the brave souls around the world who have been affected by the painful consequences of suicide. May your light continue to shine even on your darkest days, and let us never forget those for whom the world became too painful and are sadly no longer with us. 

Our beautiful Rep Kelly was one of those for whom the world tragically became too much to bear; may her sparkle continue to shine for eternity through the influence of this book. 

“Place your hand on your heart; can you feel it? That is called purpose. You’re alive for a reason; don’t ever give up. The world is a better place for you being in it.”

“Hold on tight! The sun will shine again and you will be glad you never let go.”

Kelly Michelle Walsh, The Positivity Princess, 28th Nov 1975   – 27th Feb 2021

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