Devastating news for our community; In loving memory of Kelly Michelle Walsh, The Positivity Princess

It’s with deep deep sadness that we’ve received the devastating news that our lovely Rep Kelly decided to end her life and transition last weekend. 

I know this will come as a huge shock to many of you. Kelly was a beautiful loving Soul and had been struggling for some time, especially as a sensitive empath with the world in such crisis. As we all know, this is not a linear journey and every day can bring new challenges for us to navigate. 

This is a tragic loss of a beautiful Soul, too bright for our world in crisis… Kelly touched so many hearts whilst she was on the Earth plane.

It’s been a hugely challenging decision as a friend and Publisher to decide whether to continue to promote the Emerging Proud through Suicide book that Kelly was Rep for, but ultimately I think Kelly would wish for her message to continue in the hope that other lives can be saved. 

This is an opportunity for Kelly’s voice, message and love to continue to have a positive ripple effect beyond her death.

This tragedy demonstrates just how vital the messages in this book are, and how safe holding places are desperately needed which provide love and compassion over pathologisation, whatever a person may be experiencing. 

Kelly had unbounded energy and enthusiasm for doing this work, and in this book her voice, loving spirit, positivity and magic can live on.  

Please please take time now to self-care – Kelly was so dedicated to her mission she always put others before herself, but I know she would want each and every one of us to take care of ourselves during this grieving process. 

Surround yourself with support; I’m attaching a resources list should you need to reach out for anything more than you already have around you. I am doing the same. 

TALK about how you really feel; Emerging Proud is offering a Grief- tending and sharing circle space for you to process some emotions, should you wish to take part. It will be gently held and facilitated by my dear friend and skilled Facilitator Rosie along with a Guardian.

Here are the details of the circle, should you wish to join in honouring Kelly’s life;

Thursday 11th March at 7pm UK Join via zoom: 

Password: Positivity Princess 

Please see this document for more details on what to expect from the Grief sharing circle

Over the coming days some of the Emerging Proud community who knew and loved Kelly will be sharing their messages in her honour, but for now I’ll let Kelly have the final wise words…

“Hold on tight! The sun will shine again and you will be glad you never let go.”

Kelly, The Positivity Princess, 28th Nov 1975   – 27th Feb 2021

With love to you all in our shared loss, Katie ❤

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11 Responses to Devastating news for our community; In loving memory of Kelly Michelle Walsh, The Positivity Princess

  1. Dear Katie

    Loving healing thoughts to you and all Kelly’s family. This is indeed a very difficult period for us all.

    Thank you for continuing to promote and support the book, it is extra valuably important now that these messages get out.

    Am sending you so much love Katie 🤗💛🤗

    Jenny xx


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  2. Thank you Jenny, lots of love to you too ❤


  3. Elizabeth Fisher says:

    We will remember you and carry on your legacy – to help the children and spread sparkles and positivity – so glad I met you Kelly
    my little pint sized unicorn loving , positivity princess- keep shining from above – love you always gorgeous 😍 💖 xxxx

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  4. Jeannet Weurman Jeannet Weurman says:

    Gosh, Katie, I’m so sorry to hear this. Thank you for bringing this news so sensitively and for providing information about the resources available to us. I didn’t know Kelly personally, but I imagine, having edited the book with such love and dedication, Kelly would want it to continue to be available. Much love to you and to all who feel her loss personally. xx

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  5. Dee Bonett says:

    Such a tragic loss for everyone affected within this Community, and your loved ones 💗
    You gave me hope by publishing my own journey & my Huns Legacy…. in “The Emerging Proud Through Suicide” Pocket Book Of Hope Series 💗

    Your own message of hope for those affected by Suicide, will now very much become a part of your own Legacy always! May you now be at peace 💗

    Sleep tight….. Dee xxx

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  6. Kelly was an angel that brought my husband, Ainsley, and I together. Now, she is an angel that will guide us all on this life’s journey. Gone in the physical sense, but more alive than ever!!! Love you, dear Kelly!! xox

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  7. Ben aka your son says:

    Mum its Ben you took me on as your own im so devastated and lost without you why did you have to leave me x im sorry I wasn’t good enough rest in peace mumma I love you so so much x will hopefully see you soon xx as cant do this without you x


    • Dearest Ben, Kelly loved you so much – please know you are always more than enough, sometimes life can feel too much and people get too tired to take any more steps. I know Kelly will be looking out for you and cheering you on… Sending so much love in your loss, Katie xxx


  8. Ben says:

    Mum I love you and miss you so much you was one in a million and more you understood me so much and always wanted to help nbdo what was best for me I don’t blame you for leaving but wish you had spoke to me so I could of helped you please keep looking down on me as need you to know how loved you was and still are much love mum XXX your son Ben XXX


  9. Oh my goodness. It is with great sadness that I have only just found out this news about Kelly! ( June 12 th 2022 I found out when I visited Pam Evans of Peace Mala in Swansea)
    I met Kelly at The Monastery Manchester and she visited my school when I was a primary headteacher. Kelly had the amazing idea o positivity prince and princesses and we were matching the idea up to year two children. I was Laura Daniels them. I lost touch with Kelly and have since retired and remarried and am now Laura Roberts.
    My own father also took his own life and kelly visited me at home and we discussed her own fathers suicide.
    I totally understand how lockdown will have effected her as she was so sensitive.
    Sending Love and Light always L’aura 💝🕊🌞🌈🌍


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