Emerging through the ‘Conspireality’ quagmire

As the Founder of a community where talk about conspiracy theories is rife, I feel I have a responsibility to acknowledge my own, and hence #Emerging Proud’s, stance.

I can’t deny I’ve not been on a personal journey over the last year down numerous rabbit holes myself; there is a sliver truth in everything, and shadow in all places, but I’ve emerged to see the dangers of such extreme views and how they are increasingly being pushed with such forceful energy. And this makes me sad.

I have been observing with sadness the increasing polarities these ‘absolutisms’ are causing in society – amongst friends and within our communities … whatever our views on covid, vaccines, whether there is a higher control agenda … surely the truly spiritual solution is to approach everything from a place of uncertainty and with empathy – people think what they do for a reason and there has to be space for all, as long as it causes no harm to others.

To me this is the crux; If conspiracy theories are pushed onto others with an aggressive energy, then all they do is give true spiritual practice a bad name.

This frustrates me, for all of us who are trying to professionalise spiritual approaches and get them taken seriously, conspiracy theories are, paradoxical to what they believe, having the opposite effect.

Anything coming from a place of anger or absolutism with a ‘push’ energy ultimately comes from a place of fear, pain and unresolved wounds.

Any stance with an absence of critical thinking about Self, personal ideologies or theories heard second- hand is no different from the stance of fundamentalist cults or religions …they create the same polarities that they are fighting against.

But, and here is the real crux of the matter – it’s pointless for those of us who can see this to get angry in return, because all this does it to fan the polarisation flames.

The only resolution is to meet these perspectives with a neutral compassion – allow space for their expression but not to engage; over and out.

I am returning to sitting with uncertainty, which grows stronger by the day.

Integral theory has the most emotionally and logically intelligent, compassionate explanations about why conspiracy theories can be so appealing, and these people explain it so much better than I ever could, well worth a listen, in my humble opinion:

Buddha at the Gas Pump Podcast https://batgap.com/conspirituality

Thanks also to Peter Merry and his article, for the wisdom and image: https://petermerry.org/blog/2020/conspireality/

Whatever your beliefs, trauma’s, desires to rescue and protect others, please remember that we’re all on our own journey and we will discover what we need to in our own sweet time. No need to push or fight, Aho ❤

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5 Responses to Emerging through the ‘Conspireality’ quagmire

  1. godblessed says:

    Absolutely. Well measured response and delivered in the grace that you asked this matter is received and responded to. I will listen the information/talk you have shared. Unity We Stand, Divided We Fall xx

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  2. Karen Rawden says:

    Thank you for this important and well-written article. I would like to share this. Is it okay to do so?

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  3. Mandy says:

    Hear, hear, Katie. A well-expressed version of how I feel personally about the subject! 😊

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  4. Robin Weeks says:

    Hi Katie!
    I completely understand and appreciate the need to address the bifurcation that has happened especially in the last 9 months or so, and that the advance of almost any perspective, if it’s expressed as a certainty, will likely not contribute positively to healing this. So this leads to the importance of uncertainty or don’t-know mind, as you said. It seems to me that this kind of consciousness leads to curiosity; it leads to inquiry rather than polarized argument. And there is an absence of true inquiry on both sides of any equation we might pick, whether it be the response to covid19 or black lives matter or anything else. My concern with this is …… I want to ask the question as to where the power lies. As I look out at the mainstream media, the politicians, large corporations, and “experts,” it seems to me that there is a huge power differential. The investment in a particular narrative is beyond enormous. Conspiracy theory often seems like a kind of desperation move in the face of this tidal force. It is surely true that both sides need to open up to curiosity and true inquiry and dialog, but it’s also hard to ignore the juggernaut bearing down on us. In the face of this it sometimes it seems like spitting into a hurricane….. So the questions in my mind are commensurate with this: are basic freedoms at stake? YES they are! Conspiracy theorists seem a little like playful kittens to me, compared to what seems to be perpetrated by those on the power side of the equation – Tyrannosaurus Rex has its foot poised over the kittens. Therefore, personally I’ll let conspiracy dogs lie and focus my attention on encouraging questioning and inquiry with respect to the mainstream narrative. Honestly, a world with conspiracy theories flying around seems ok to me, but the possibility of oppression, loss of freedoms, and increased surveillance … the possibility of imposition of these from those in power seems like so much the greater threat (and this is an understatement) to me and these represent a world I definitely don’t want to have to live in. Nevertheless, the spirit of curiosity (surely a form of love) and inquiry will hopefully be in everything I do …. Thanks for your post and all you do!

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