Support us to make THE VISION for free distribution for all

Last night we started a GoFundme campaign to support the making of our final film in the A Call to Awakening trilogy.


Any donations will help us to ensure that we can afford to make the final film THE VISION (which may be in 2 parts if we raise enough funds) and to continue to distribute these vital messages for FREE.

THE VISION will document our human potential and the potential of a post- pandemic world, offering hope of better times for those struggling with our current crises.

It costs a fortune to make films and we’re doing this on a shoestring as we’re so passionate about the messages that the voices contained in them are bringing – if you’re able to donate we’d be most grateful.

The campaign explains what the funds will be used for.

You can watch the first 2 films via the website here;

Thank you for your support, let’s turn 2021 into a more positive year ❤


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