Jordana’s transformation; remember the lovely Jordana from the #EmergingProud film? She has a free offer for YOU in honour of #EmergingProud 2020!

Do you remember Jordana from the #EmergingProud film in 2017?

Here’s an update about where she’s at now, and what she’s got to offer us all for honouring #EmergingProud! (scroll down for details on that)

How can we transform the stigma and taboo around so called ‘mental illness’? Why is it that other ‘dis-eases’ receive compassion and ‘mental illness’ results in marginalization? I’ve been asking myself these questions lately and would love to hear your feedback on them too!!!

Find out a bit more about Jordana’s story, and what she has to say…

Jordana’s story;

During the eight year span of my spiritual emergencies and diagnosis of bipolar with cyclicle psychotic episodes, not only did the prescribed medicines disconnect me from Spirit and turn me into the walking dead, but the prejudice from society alienated me from my community, making my recovery all the more challenging. Here in Spain mental illness is still seeded deep in the closet of shame. Yes, people go to therapy, but more for coping with anxiety, stress, or depression… ailments that are currently somewhat tolerated. But a full blown mental illness diagnosis, from what I’ve seen, is only treated here with forced medication and shame, which in my case, completely surpressed my body, mind and soul’s innate knowing that Jordana was just waking up. I had awakened to a higher consciousness of energetic paradigms, realms, and dimensions that weren’t tangibly rooted in the three dimensional world, and therefore defined as psychotic. The openings were filled with extremes of lightness and dark. And the world wasn’t ready to see God consciousness in everything from a leaf, to the garbage, to a murderer, like I suddenly did. Or my radical acceptance and unconditional love for the narcissist, and the knowing that my extreme empathy wasn’t the better and had actually been part of the creation of it. Let alone open to me channeling messages from Akasha, the divine feminine aspect of God, as I tried to show people that heaven was actually here on Earth. And what about “ALL IS ONE”, the tagline my spiritual community used and then rejected me for when I had direct experience with it.

Feeling completely unsupported, I had no choice but to turn inwards, finding solace in Akasha, intuition, wisdom, and the peace in knowing that I wasn’t suffering from mental illness, but just a sudden transformation in how I perceived reality, that didn’t fit into the current social paradigm that I was living in. Moved by the extremes of the old and the new, and the highs and lows, and the world of duality that society fed me and then punished me for, I strove to find the middle path of balance within. I worked on not getting too excited by the good times, nor the bad. Seeking balance and neutrality in everything I did, from eating, to sleeping, to exercising, to working, to socializing, to my spiritual practice, to even finding balance in how I spent my time in action and more importantly, stillness. The more I vibrated with balance, the more it would come into my reality and the extremes of perfectionism at the expense of denying my shadow, slowly dissipated. This was the face of mental illness. Not some scary unknown that needed to be shoved in a closet and kept from society, but just an opportunity for my Being to come to know all of it’s aspects in full true color, to observe my evolving soul and the twists and turns that it had taken on this crazy journey called life. To radically accept my shadow, my dark side, and the parts of me that society didn’t want to see, nor did I, but maybe, just maybe if I slowly met with love and compassion, would have the courage to come out to the world and bask in the joyful transformative light of dawn.

I saw that society’s inability to love and accept me for who I was, came from my own incapacity to love myself fully and wholly, imperfections and all. Ultimately, we are all different. It’s an illusion to think that there is one norm that we all have to fit into, when no two people are alike. Maybe we need to stop buying the “normal” that society sells us and just let the shadow out of the closet and embrace our own uniqueness. Maybe from here we can find common ground in acceptance, love, and compassion for all dis-ease, which for me, is just the obstacle that pushes us all to grow and evolve to be better people, each day closer to reclaiming our true nature.

So while 3 years ago I proudly emerged out of the spiritual emergency closet, today I fully take off my mask and begin my journey to advocate for mental health in honor of my grandmother whose unheard suicidal voice motivated me this morning to write this blog. To open the doors of communication and dialogue. To normalize the crazy antics of the mind that we all experience, while only some get outed, shamed, and medically treated for. To shed light on the stigma and taboo of mental illness, by sharing lived experience of awakening and diagnosis. To show how responsibility for healing through self acceptance, unconditional love, and respect can transform reality without the need for medication and it’s unfortunate side effects. And even though I was commited to a mental hospital, given a diagnosis of mental illness, treated with meds for eight years, and supressed and shamed for all of it, I am just as worthy as any other. I am just as wise, just as intelligent, just as intuitive and just as powerful. Because if I weren’t, Spirit wouldn’t have given me this challenge in the first place. We are all waking up and each person’s path is uniquely different. Our challenge now is to see THIS as normal.

One love,

Jordana Jyoti

Life Coach, Healer, Teacher of Meditation & Yoga, Mental Health Activist

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Here’s a wonderful FREE offer from Jordana to all of you!

I will be hosting a live online event for #EmergingProud and the #CaravanofUnity – DATE TO BE CONFIRMED, SAT 16th IS CANCELLED DUE TO SICKNESS

Akasha is in the throat chakra, which holds space for the elements of earth, water, fire, and air, uniting them in their diversity into the one space of ether. Yoga is Union. In Akasha Yoga we unite the feminine with the masculine, accepting and loving unconditionally our shadow by shedding the light of our soul on it. When we can embrace both our darkness and our light we become whole human beings, transcending the war of duality and uniting in peace and Oneness from within and throughout.

Each class is a fusion of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, mantra, pranayama breathing exercises, spiritual philosophy, meditation, and relaxation. There is an emphasis on the bandhas, the locks that tone our core strength and raise our healing energy, as well as the chakras, our energetic anatomy that keep us balanced in nature with the five elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth. Akasha Yoga helps to relieve dis-ease, pain, tension, stress, anxiety, depression and more. Classes focus on balance, strength, flexibility, and openness, while honoring each student’s potential as well as their limitations. Intention and effort are valued over level in our classes, making them available to anyone who wants to practice.

What you will need; 

Please make sure you have a warm, peaceful space with a good internet connection, a yoga mat, a blanket and cushion, some water and only practice as far as your body will allow. This session is about being loving and kind with yourself, no pushing beyond your limits.


We look forward to seeing you on our mats in virtual space ❤

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  1. stephenjrobi says:

    Maria thanks for sending the assignment. I read it early next week.

    Here is the latest story of spiritual crisis. She could possibly help.

    Stay safe and positive. Your amazing. Stephen


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