Curious about what will happen at our event on 17th January in London? Here’s a sneaky peek at the plan…

What to expect on the day

This event has been planned specifically to be owned and directed by all who attend without hierarchy or ‘experts’, but a space for those passionate to see changes in mental health services to get together to envision what that change looks like…

Our day will focus on the Power Threat Meaning Framework  (PTMF) in relation to this question;

“How does the Power Threat Meaning Framework relate to those who perceive their experience in transcendent/ transformative, spiritual or spiritual emergency terms, and how could it be used to support this?”

About the PTMF

The PTMF is a co-produced document which describes an alternative to the diagnostic model of distress and unusual experiences. A brief summary of the Framework will be given by Lucy at the start of the day, but you may find it useful to familiarise yourself with its principles beforehand. PTM Summary 2019

If you have time, you might want to view this talk on the PTM Framework:

A more academic summary can be read here: Johnstone and Boyle 2018 PTM Framework JHP.

The main PTMF documents, FAQs, and other resources are available on this website:

Some things you might like to ponder before attending; 

What is our wider container for these experiences?

Is Bio/Psycho/Social/Spiritual quadrant of experience enough, or do we need to include anything else in the framework?

What do you consider might be a more inclusive language for ‘spiritual’ so we can hold the biggest framework as possible for all?

We are all aiming for the same destination (a new post-patriarchal paradigm) via different doorways – let’s focus on the destination rather than our doorway on the day; where are our bridges?

Which doorway are you coming through? Psychedelic? Mental Health? Environmental? Political?

What piece of the puzzle would you like to bring to the discussions?

 What about Open Space – how does it work? 

Here’s a brief video of the method:

There are 2 options for how you can get involved on the day;

The Convenor –Raise and hold space for a particular discussion topic that you feel most passionate about in relation to the theme of the day. You don’t need to pre-plan this, you might feel inspired during the morning of the event.

Convenor responsibilities; 

 It’s important to know that if you decide to be a Convenor on the day, you will need to be responsible for staying with that topic whilst people want to engage in discussing it, and for writing up a brief harvest report to present at the end of the day.

Pollinators – be a Butterfly and feel free to move around from discussion to discussion as you wish; be drawn to whatever you feel passionate about on the day; spread your ideas and wisdom wide across the conversation spaces!

The Four Rules of Open Space:
1. Whoever come are the right people
2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have

  1. Whenever it starts is the right time
    4. When it’s over, it’s over

The Law of Two Feet states that:
“If, during the course of the gathering, you finds yourself in a situation where you are neither learning nor contributing, you can go to some more productive place.”

Our schedule: 

(The space will be cleared and protected by energetic space holders prior to the day)

9.30am Arrivals and registration

10am: Introduction to the day

10.15am – Overview of the PTMF

10.45am – Guided meditation and preparation for the main sessions

11am – Market Place part 1

11.30am – Coffee Break

11.50am Market Place part 2

12.20pm – Afternoon schedule planning from agenda wall for all delegates

12.30pm – Lunch break

1.30pm – Open Space session 1

2.30pm – Open Space session 2

3.30pm – Break and convenors to create quick synopsis from their harvest form

3.50pm – Reconvene circle for harvest feedback

4.50pm – Close and what happens next

We will have a discreet Altar at the event in honour of those who have been harmed by the mental health system – please feel free to bring names of those you wish to honour on a small piece of paper to place on the altar if you wish.

We very much hope you can join us to connect, share and vision in January.

With gratitude and in solidarity for much- needed change,


Tempted to join in and have a say in what emerges?


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