#Emerging Proud Press; KindaProud project and FREE books update

Emerging Proud Press, our not-for-profit publishing company, only launched publicly in 2019, and already we have published 4 Pocket Books, aimed at spreading messages of hope around the globe. The 4 in our KindaProud series so far are;

Emerging Proud through NOTEs (Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences)
Emerging Proud through Disordered Eating, Body Image and Low Self-Esteem
Emerging Proud through Suicide
Emerging Proud through Trauma and Abuse (available from 10th Oct)
Each book contains 17 personal stories from people who have been through challenging experiences that have ultimately been a catalyst for them to transform their lives.
This is a charitable project and all profits from book sales will be used to distribute FREE books to hospitals, mental health charities and support services, so that they can offer hope to those still struggling to cope with their own experiences.
Where are we now, only 1 year since forming?  
To date, 64 brave emerging peers have shared their stories in the 4 books, and 230 FREE books have been distributed so far.
Thanks to one of our Suicide book Contributors, Bobbi, Wal-Mart in Texas have just ordered 200 copies of #Emerging Proud through Suicide for the delegates of their executive conference as Bobbi is Keynote Speaker. All proceeds from this sale have gone to Bobbi’s charity, Widow Thrive. 


70 #EmergingProud through NOTEs books are being printed in Australia, to be distributed across Sydney by our fabulous Rep for that book, Dr Nicole Gruel.

We’ll keep you all updated on the FREE books that are distributed over time. If you’d like to support the continuation of this project, I’ve set up a fundraiser for my birthday – just imagine you’re buying me a glass of wine and chuck in a few pounds if you can… I’m raising a virtual glass to you!


Let’s get this KindaProud series to 6 books published in 2020 – together we can achieve anything!

Thank you,

Katie and the KindaProud Team ❤


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