Now we have some leverage with the changing climate in mental health, what happens next?

It’s been really refreshing to have the opportunity to speak with newly qualifying Psych nurses and clinical psychologists and to know that the majority of them support the shift in clinical questionning from What is wrong with you? to What happened to you? as the Power, Threat, Meaning Framework suggests.

But as someone recently quite rightly said, this is not enough.

We need to know what can be done with the information coming out of what’s happened to someone – what support is there which is conducive to helping that person?

Come and discuss this here;


Some people may wonder what this has to do with spirituality… Trauma and spirituality are intrinsically linked.

I’m currently listening to the brilliant book In an unspoken voice by Dr Peter Levine  and it really struck me listening to him talk about how catatonic effects are made much worse in animals when they are restrained when in fear…this causes a feedback loop of PTSD on the nervous system and PREVENTS recovery.

This can horrifyingly be likened to the re-traumatisation of already traumatised clients during clinical restraints in the name of ‘care’ in hospitals and during arrests… iatrogenic trauma is still rife today and we have to develop alternatives if the downward spiral of mental health problems in our society is going to improve.

We need to be looking for patterns of traumatic imprint on our physiology and neurology, and working out how best to support people according to those patterns; NOT putting people into pathological boxes.

These traumatic imprints are passed down through generations – we literally carry ancestral trauma in our DNA.

One clear consequence of extreme nervous system response is dissociation, and this is where altered state (spiritual) experiences are most likely to occur, especially if someone doesn’t have a stable sense of self (Ego) from trauma in childhood.

These are complex issues which we desperately need to address if we are going to have a fully comprehensive alternative conceptual framework for mental health.

Are you passionate about this? Want to help look at how we tie all of this together?

PTMF event



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