#EmergingProud day 2019; what happened all over the world?

“Gifts that emerge out of our darkness’ #EmergingProud day celebrations reverberated the world over on Sunday thanks to YOU, the fabulous #EP community! On our online event, we had folks join us virtually from far and wide including Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, the UK, the US, Australia, and South America!

Click HERE to sign up and watch the recording of our global live event – we’re almost at capacity, so if you miss out don’t worry, the video will be available on this website very soon too! Those of you who were with us on our live call – keep your eye out for an email winging its way to you …

Nicole + i

Some countries also hosted live in-person celebration events. Here’s what happened in;


Thank you to Organisers Ligia Splendore and Sean Blackwell and team for gathering a huge crowd in the biggest Psychiatric hospital in Sao Paolo! ❤

Foto RL2019 Group - Copia

Here are the recordings from 2 of their talks;

David Lukoff

Oryx Cohen

CLICK HERE to find out more from their dedicated website!



In Budapest, the main topic of the event was “Crisis as an opportunity to change”

Big thanks to the performers, all helpers, and organizing team! ❤️

If it’s worth doing, time, energy, then this is the topic!

We wholeheartedly agree team Hungary! Some pics from their day;



#EmergingProud #crisipsicospirituali #emergenzespirituali#spiritualemergency #emergingproud #psicologiatranspersonale#psicoterapiatranspersonale #biotransenergetica #psicosintesi#InternationalEmergingProud #EmergingProudItaly

Grazie! to team Italy; Elena Toscan psychologist and psychotherapist transpersonal;
Anita Godi Psychologist and psychotherapist, psychosynthesis imaginative and hypnosis;
Loretta Illuminati Psychologist and psychotherapist transpersonal.

They say;

Thanks to all the magnificent audience who compared with us openly and actively with questions and reflections. Thanks to the super Valeria Galletti, a psychotherapist exponent of the psychosynthesis and the approach approach, who hosted us in the headquarters of the association “il calicanto” and also seat of the centre om


What an incredible #Emerging Tribe we have evolved … Cheers to us all! ❤

So, all that leaves is the question; What shall we do next year? 🙂

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  1. godblessed says:

    Sounds incredible. A Great Movement. Brings much needed hope in this time 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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