Nessi Gomes retreat opportunity – find your authentic voice in the beautiful Greek islands…

A HUGE thank you to those of you who were online with us for our launch event yesterday – we had a blast and raised some funds for free books to be distributed – we’ll update you on that as we confirm the amount soon…

You may remember that unfortunately we didn’t get time to hear Nessi’s amazing song All Related … here’s a snippet from that song from her album “Diamonds and Demons”

You may recall I mentioned that she has a unique opportunity for you…

“Nessi Gomes is not going to transform you into a pop star.
In fact, instead of telling people how to sing she helps them to tap into the essence of self through voice, allowing participants to let go of stuff that is buried in their basement – trauma, pain or anger they never managed to release elsewhere”
Sunday Times

Nessi says;

I am hosting my only Vocal Odyssey residential retreat alongside my husband in 2019 on the beautiful island of Amorgos in Greece from the 14th – 21st September. We normally facilitate many more workshops, retreats and concerts but my husband and I are expecting our first baby in a matter of days so I am now taking the time these months to prepare for her arrival and to adjust to the new life of motherhood.
The Vocal Odyssey process embarked on with a focused intention and sincere longing for liberation, is a wonderful opportunity to have a significant and lasting breakthrough shift in your creative and intuitive expression.

The deep, loving and celebrative process supports you to express your naked voice and to bear witness to the transformative potential that this vocal power holds. We can all access this wisdom both via our individual naked voice and collectively as a singing field.

The aim of this retreat is not to become a ‘perfect’ singer – it is about unleashing our raw, natural capacity to celebrate all colours of life through our unique and authentic expression while tapping into the intuitive and mystical realms of our connection to ‘Spirit’ through sound.

The human singing voice is our most powerful and intimate resource. The Vocal Odyssey retreat is a deep journey that unleashes and frees the untapped sonic power of our voice from the hidden corners that have kept it quiet, silent and buried.

It is a space of self-enquiry through our voice and where we will reconnect to the simple, playful and natural way of expressing our authentic naked sound beyond judgments, painful beliefs and limiting conditionings. So for that reason, all levels of experience are warmly welcome ✨


About Nessi;

Nessi Gomes

Born on the tiny island of Guernsey (Channel Islands, UK), singing and music became Nessi’s way of dealing with challenging life circumstances. From a young age, she discovered for herself the ability to transform painful limiting beliefs and unspoken emotions by exploring sound and providing sufficient room for her voice to be heard. Today Nessi continues to root herself more in the therapeutic value of vocal expression with her music and voice retreats that she has shared internationally in the last 4 years in over 30 countries.

Nessi’s work has been carefully crafted and is an invitation to dive deeply yet playfully into a journey of self-discovery and self-inquiry, where the mystery and healing forces of our most intimate musical instrument unfold – our voice.

The content of her work aims to pierce through the voices in our head and to open a door safely for a new relationship between us and the transformative quality of our vocal expression. 

Nessi believes that the voice is our bridge to something bigger than ourselves, it is our connection to the prayer we carry. Therefore the workshops and retreats are not a traditional singing group as her work aims to look at how we can use our voice not only as a form of creative expression but also as a tool for improvisation, prayer, healing, self-enquiry, positive transformation and spiritual evolution. 

Through her work we collectively discover how singing is not only about ‘singing’ – it is in fact about ‘listening’ and expressing all that is inside of us moment to moment. It may not always sound ‘beautiful’ and that is warmly invited and embraced, for the voice is a bridge to our soul –  yet our soul may be invisible it is not inaudible.  

Often the intentions shared amongst participants are initially focussed on what one can do for their voice. This is understandable, however, together we quickly recognise through the essence of this work what our voice can actually do for us as we all hold the power to this unique and powerful medicine. 

Nessi Gomes is an international musician, and group facilitator with a BA (Hons) in Creative Expressive Therapies in Music (2007), and a certified Holistic Voice Practitioner with The British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST). She is also the co-founder of Vocal Odyssey alongside her husband Lino Hermesh.


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