Reconnecting with the Earth for Personal and Global Healing, Part II: The Calling

The wide- reaching rivers of this movement are starting to merge into one collective ocean, and it can’t come quick enough for those of us that have felt this coming for years…

I’m sharing this for Paris, who coined the phrase ‘Rethinking Madness’ (at least for me), and who spoke such wisdom in the #EmergingProud film… “We can’t have an evolution without chaos preceeding it” he said, and oh was he right!

Join Paris and some other amazing thought- leaders in evolving consciousness for this online webinar:

Reconnecting with the Earth for Personal and Global Healing, Part II: The Calling

Thursday, Apr 25, 2019 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT


Paris Williams, Author of Rethinking Madness 
Mark Lakeman, Co-Founder, City Repair Project
Christine Karczewski, Co-Founder, The Healing Field
Rangi Ahipene, Maori Chief

Moderated by Oryx Cohen, National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery

This webinar series was introduced in June 2018 and explores ways of healing for our bodies, minds, and spirits and weaves connections for repair—not only on the personal, but also on a larger global and environmental scale.

It draws from the premise of profound interconnectedness—that the wellbeing of each of us is intimately tied up with the wellbeing of the Earth It also draws from age-old indigenous wisdom that those who have experienced extreme states often provide the unusual vantage point of seeing the world from outside the limited confines of consensus reality. Therefore, we see an extraordinary two-way opportunity unfolding within human society—on one hand, reconnecting with the Earth offers the potential for great healing of any and all of us; and on the other hand, those who have grappled with extreme states of mind and spirit may hold an essential key in humanity’s return to living in harmony with the Earth and our fellow Earthlings.

Through efforts showcased by the various leaders participating in this webinar series, we find that a supportive infrastructure is emerging, one that is very much needed for resilience, empowerment, connection to the earth, and sustainable wellness in our communities.

More information here:

Register here:

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  1. IvyChayaArt says:

    I am registered! Count me in! What a wonderful message, can’t wait!

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