Catherine G Lucas, Founder of the UK SCN, set to join us for #Emerging Proud day online celebration

With the incredible Extinction Rebellion catalysing a compassionate civil uprising, it feels very synchronistic to share some #EmergingProud news with you … is this a sign that a global spiritual awakening is taking place? We certainly think so…

We’re delighted to announce that Catherine G Lucas, the Founder of the UK Spiritual Crisis Network  (SCN), will be joining us for our LIVE online #EmergingProud day celebrations and book launch on 12th May to honour the 15th anniversary of SCN, and mainly to talk about her new work which focuses on global spiritual emergence.

What can individual journeys of awakening offer to the global crisis?

Here Catherine explains…



I’m broadening the scope of my work out from supporting personal spiritual emergence(y) to supporting global spiritual emergence(y). In particular, I’m exploring the parallels between personal awakening through crisis and global awakening through crisis. Both can be intense, terrifying and feel unmanageable. Both involve a letting go of the old ways of doing and being, a burning away of the old, as we’ve just seen in the extraordinary archetypal burning of Notre Dame – a powerful symbol of spiritual emergency if ever there was one! Most importantly, both involve shifting to a new level of consciousness. 

Key questions are:

  • What can we learn from personal spiritual emergence(y) that can help us cope with the global emergence(y)?
  • What can we learn from the individual process that can help us move successfully through our global awakening?
  • Where the model of the Hero’s Journey is so helpful at the personal level, can it also be usefully applied to the global?
  • Do we need a team of ‘spiritual emergency elders’, of those who have been through spiritual crisis and awakening, to help ‘hold’ the process, to help hold the awareness that what appears to be a world crisis of catastrophic proportions is actually our awakening?

Below are a few paragraphs from the introduction of ‘In Case of Spiritual Emergency’ which will also give you a bit of an idea of where I’m coming from.

‘. . .  when I then read Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’, his words struck a chord. Our choice as a species is simple, he tells us: evolve or die. He puts it urgently and starkly. He is talking about evolving spiritually.

. . .

‘As the awakening of human consciousness gathers pace, more people are having to navigate the treacherous waters of spiritual emergency. As more people succeed in finding their way through such experiences, their awakened consciousness, in turn, helps the planetary shift to gather further momentum.

‘As we explore and become familiar with the territory of spiritual awakening and spiritual emergency, we realize that there are very real parallels between what happens at the individual level and what is happening at the global level. We are beginning to experience global crisis; the awakening of global consciousness is starting to feel very painful and challenging. This is no different from what individuals experience when going through the birth pangs of spiritual crisis. The lessons we learn at the personal level can be translated to the global.

‘Humanity is embarked on its own version of the Hero’s Journey. If we understand the process at the individual level, we can know that the seeming breakdown of what I call the ‘dark night of the globe’ is the precursor to breaking through to a whole new level of awakened consciousness.

‘We will see just how intense and challenging a crisis of spiritual awakening can be personally. It is this level of intensity and challenge we can expect to see at the world level during the coming years of transition. When we read the stories of those whose spiritual unfolding led to crisis and see how they navigated their way successfully through it, we can hopefully draw much inspiration and encouragement from that in responding to the global situation.’

Join myself and Nicole to hear more from Catherine on the 12th May at 2pm GMT;



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  1. Mandy Horne says:

    It very much seems that this is what is happening…

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