Would you like to be heard on Peace Within Radio with Kelly Speaks?

I was delighted to be introduced to the lovely Kelly of Peace Within Radio because when we chatted I realised how aligned we were in our messages… the more voices the louder our messages of hope! I’m extra delighted that Kelly is now offering the opportunity to our community to be guests, and even potentially hosts! on her wonderful show… Thank you so much Kelly for all you are doing across the world through the airwaves ❤

Listen up if you feel called to speak out and #Emerge Proud on Peace Within Radio!

Kelly Martin

Mental Health and Music Radio – PEACE WITHIN RADIO

I’d like to say a warm hello to the members of the Emerging Proud community. My name is Kelly Martin, I am an author, podcaster, blogger and radio producer for ‘Peace Within Radio’. I am also a recovering darkness addict.

My journey began in childhood where I suffered from debilitating anxiety, panic attacks and as I entered my teenager years into adulthood, depression. I used to really identify with anxiety and depression, I assumed it would be a forever life experience. My identity was that of ANXIOUS KELLY or later FAILURE KELLY.

So in 2000 I started my spiritual journey, exploring life in all its aspects when backpacking around Australia. I didn’t know before 2000 that there was more to life than working, drinking and feeling in pain, but fortunately life stepped in and I was introduced to Reiki healing and also the big world of books, spirituality and different ways to find inner peace and balance.

To cut a long story short, 19 years on I am starting to emerge from the old story of failure, anxiety and depression knowing that probably the biggest dis-ease on this planet today is that of ‘not feeling good enough’, and through my work as a writer and podcaster I was introduced to radio as a mode to encourage and support those who needed it.

Born From The Darkness

‘Peace Within Radio’ was born out of a need to empower those who are drowning in the darkness of depression and other mental health issues. A voice of encouragement when the inner voice is critical and painful. I know from my own experience that to find a better way of looking at my journey was so important, but not everyone has access to the tools and words that can trigger such big change and emergence from the dark into the light, so ‘Peace Within Radio’ will be that voice.

However, we are not going to simply be ‘talk radio’, we will have music also. We fundraised for music licenses and we will be playing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are primarily based in the United Kingdom, but we will be available worldwide.

Voices Needed

On April 1st, we will be launching the station after successfully fundraising for it in October 2018, but we need voices.

We need storytellers, therapists, coaches and encouraging people.

We need people who have been there, bought the t-shirt and are willing to share encouragement via pre-recorded messages of hope.

And for those brave ones amongst you, we are looking for show hosts to host a weekly show dedicated to emerging from the pain of depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, chronic fatigue syndrome and so much more. You can be as creative as you wish and artistic too.

Poets and spoken word artists are all welcome.

Providing enough of you come forward I will be running the EmergeProud interview series on the station also; that all depends on numbers, but aside from the interview series we simply need open-hearted people with the time and energy to shine a light on what worked or is working for them.

Shows So Far

Examples of shows we have lined up so far include:

The Journey Of Life Mental Health Show – (A men’s mental health show, we welcome more on this topic)

The Urban Yoda (A one man talk show where a wise sage in his eighties reflects on how he has moved through crippling depression and difficulties to find his own balance through the ancient Chinese Philosophy the I-CHING and overall life experience)

The Secret Psychiatrist (shares her wisdom and expert experience with clients, along with interviews with advocates and other experts)

Megyn Blanchard (‘Fall In Love With Being Human’) delving into the reality of needing to embrace the shadow and move away from primarily positive thinking.

And we have many more coming forward.

So, if you feel you could record a show 20 minutes long (30 minutes maximum) weekly I’d love to hear from you. This can be done from the comfort of your own home while sitting in your PJ’s, relaxed and comfortable.

Or if you would like to occasionally voice a piece of spoken word poetry or your story, that would be very welcome also.

And lastly if you would like to be part of the EmergeProud interview show please get in touch. As I mentioned above I would need quite a large number for this show to go ahead and be sustainable.

To find out more about the project visit our successful crowdfunding campaign HERE our website HERE or join the FOCUS group to get further involved on Facebook.

We need researchers and voices for many aspects of the station including introducing shows. It is a big job and as we are all volunteers, an ongoing journey for us all.

Thank you Katie for introducing me to your community, I am so grateful to connect with you all.

Kelly Martin (kellymartinspeaks.co.uk)

EMAIL: mailto:kelly@peacewithinradio.com

Kelly Martin is the author of ‘When Everyone Shines But You’ a mental health blogger,
podcaster at Kelly Martin Speaks and radio producer of the new mental health and music station Peace Within Radio. Kelly is on a mission to help those suffering with depression, anxiety and PTSD feel good enough exactly as they are.


When Everyone Shines But You http://www.kellymartin.co.uk/when-everyone-shines-but-you.html

Mental health blogger https://kellymartinspeaks.co.uk

Kelly Martin Speaks https://kellymartinspeaks.podbean.com

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4 Responses to Would you like to be heard on Peace Within Radio with Kelly Speaks?

  1. Lisa Bardell says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I’d love to speak about my story of going from chronic stress, alcoholism and chronic illness to kundalini awakening, Shamanic healer, therapist and coach.


  2. Guidinglight says:

    Hi I would be interested on talking onPeacewithin radio,but have not head back fom Kelly’ Kind regards

    Allison O’Neill BAhons Education and Community Studies Capacitar International Wellness Trainer

    On Wed, 13 Mar 2019 at 07:50, Reframing Mental distress as a potential catalyst for positive change wrote:

    > Katie Mottram posted: “I was delighted to be introduced to the lovely > Kelly of Peace Within Radio because when we chatted I realised how aligned > we were in our messages… the more voices the louder our messages of hope! > I’m extra delighted that Kelly is now offering the opport” >


  3. Hi Allison, Kelly won’t see this message so please try emailing her again. I know she’s very busy so I’m sure will get back to you in due course. Thank you!


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