Commemorative Print 2018 due for publication in June

Since the 2nd International #EmergingProud day events on the 12th May we’ve been in a race to compile the 2nd Commemorative Print to be ready for you all to reflect on the amazing stories shared over the last year.

I am delighted to announce that this year, not only will this beautiful book contain stories, artwork and information donated by our wonderful community; it will be officially PUBLISHED by the specialist Mental Health Publisher; CHIPMUNKA! 

Chipmunka Founder, Jason Pegler, and I have been connected virtually for some time and it seems so fitting that we work in collaboration with our shared vision; to spread awareness and end mental health stigma. Jason set up Chipmunka Publishing in 2002 to give a voice to those living with mental health problems, after he himself had a period of hospitalisation in 1992. His renowned autobiography, ‘A Can of Madness,’ was released in 2002. Chipmunka is more than just a unique publisher, it is a social enterprise, and Jason won The New Statesmen’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2005.

Watch out for the launch announcement; the 2018 Commemorative Print should be available by mid June…

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 16.36.36

This limited edition commemorative print features a collection of the blogs and artwork from the last year since the launch in May 2017. These amazing personal stories of those who #Emerged Proud, aims to change the negative prognosis dialogue which mainstream psychiatry portrays today, and provide validation and HOPE to those who might be struggling. 

Follow the blog to find out how to get hold of your copy! Thank you for your support ❤

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