A sneaky peak into Ivy’s event plans!

I was inspired to hear about Ivy’s creative ideas for her #Emerging Proud event and wanted to hear more, so we had a little chat!


Event Schedule 6pm-11pm May 12th 2018:

5:45-6:15 reception.

6:15pm -Group meditation with founder and author Katie Mottram and musical accompaniment by Eddie Shiffler.

6:30pm -Screening of the Emerging Proud Film. -please enjoy freedom to get refreshments or use the restroom indoors at any time during the film.*

~intermission~ ~refreshments~

7:45pm -SoMe message board, group painting project and performance art.

8:15pm -Eddie Shiffler original music live, +Plus record release of new hit single, “Lost and Found (Have a sneaky listen here!) 

8:45pm -Guest speakers and other surprises.

9:30pm -Group Discussion of film and Listening Circle of personal experience facilitated by Ivy.

For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1034187933397749/

“Mirror within” by Ivy, to be part of the art display at the event…

Mirror within

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  1. Kim Conner says:

    This sounds so wonderful!!

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