#Emerging into song with Amanda Hummingbird

Introducing my lovely friend Amanda Hummingbird’s new medicine song ‘Emergence’, written especially to mark International #Emerging Proud day on Sat 12th May around the world…

Amanda will be singing and drumming “Emergence” around Norwich on Sat to promote our local event; come along and see Amanda and her drum, Luna ❤

 Sing along wherever you may be; we will be standing strong together…

Emerging out from the dark
Emerging out beneath the bark
Seeing, hearing, feeling lost
You are not alone

Emerging out from confusion
Emerging out from illusion
Let your light shine through
You are not alone

Emerging into the light
Shine your beauty so bright
Sharing, caring, connecting,
We are not alone

Standing strong in your ground
once lost and now found
Standing strong and oh so proud
Standing strong together
About Amanda and The Hummingbird Project
Amanda H
The Hummingbird Project is a project in its beginning stages of birth. It is about supporting guiding and empowering people in their own healing to confront their fears, emotions and whatever is stuck in their bodies and lives. To be empowered to be accountable for your life and the choices that you make and what you need to do to evolve, expand and grow. It is about falling in love with yourself and your life. Becoming aware of our interconnection and together co creating a more beautiful world into being from conscious loving, and compassionate expression and communication.
Amanda Hummingbird is a bodyworker, healer, life coach and Forrest yoga teacher. She aspires to share her transformational path of awakening and healing through the practices and tools that have been shared with her and now have become her practices and tools. She began the journey of peeling back the layers of emotional and physical tension in her body  5 years ago. The journey has brought her back to herself, opened her eyes up to the power, that is within all of us, to be accountable for all that occurs in her life and confronting her deepest fears. In doing so, She began to become aware of her habitual patterns, behaviours and reactions to life and the same life story she was telling herself. Through the support of her personal practices she has begun to tell herself and live a different story, a story that raises her vibration, a story where she now responds to life rather than reacts, to live her life in more beauty and magic than she ever imagined possible, flowing in trust, gratitude and abundance. She is creating and living the reality of her dreams and believes that is possible for us all.
Her practices are meditation, Forrest yoga, bodywork, ceremony, medicine songs, drumming, shamanic flute and free mandala art. She has  written several medicine songs and holds shamanic fire ceremonies. She is certified with Cam Yoga and forrest yoga and a trained bodyworker and life coach. She is based in Norwich where she teaches Forrest yoga, breathing and meditation. She is an empowered healing coach and has clients she works with online all over the world. She also travels around the country and the world assisting Forrest yoga guardians and holding various differ workshops.
Bodywork with Hummingbird is an energetic connection between two people working together to heal physical and emotional tension and blocks held in the body. She will work with you to not just alleviate pain in your body but to uncover the patterns that perpetuate it, in order to uproot the causes where they began.
She holds space for the receiver and meets them where they need to be met. She tracks the pain/tension/blocks and uses various techniques to create space and healing. The receiver may be guided to use their breath and sometimes communicate and allow emotions, thoughts to surface to help with the healing. She works in varied approaches depending on how you show up that day and depending on what your needs are. She takes her role as a facilitator of healing seriously. She loves working with people who are ready to dive in and create lasting change on all levels.
She is also open to just doing a simple massage for relaxation and stress relief, which can be just as vital in today’s society as deep therapeutic bodywork.
Bodywork with Hummingbird is a beautiful intimate ceremonial connection between two energetic beings to help with healing and growth.
Each person is unique  and  each session different.
Empowered Healing coach
After an initial consultation, Hummingbird will put together a bespoke 1-1 empowered healing programme for you that will include coaching/mentoring, breath work, meditation, ceremony and/or yoga. The programme will be for individuals to become aware of a direct, lived experience of the reality they have created in order to empower them to shift their current paradigm to make way for what is desired. The intention is to empower clients to fully embrace the dilemmas and choices facing them. This process will empower people at strengthening commitments to their vision. From these commitments come actions that produce powerful results. Blocks and resistance are uncovered and steps towards bring about awareness  to catch them and move past them are put in place. Visions and dreams are created and the infinite possibilities of manifesting them into your reality are set in place.
Find Amanda Hummingbird and The Hummingbird Project on Facebook and Instagram.
Please contact her for a free consultation at amandahummingbird@gmail.com if you would like to work with her.
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1 Response to #Emerging into song with Amanda Hummingbird

  1. allisonelove says:

    Very interesting,and beautiful words sistars. I have been working with a group of beautiful women in illkley singing medicine songs to balance the femine energies and heal the planet.We have ben working with the hummingbird energy too. Magic and wonderful.


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