Interview with Dr Mick Collins about his newly released book; The Visionary Spirit

In this interview Mick talks about his new book The Visionary Spirit: Awakening to the Imaginal Realm in the Transformocene Age.
A key message in the book is that humanity is being challenged to find a deeper response to the toxic legacy of the Anthropocene, which is marked by an accumulation of nuclear waste, plastic and concrete particles, as well as other degradations. It is clear that our ways of living are increasingly unsustainable and we are negatively impacting the natural world, due to our ecological, economic and consumer behaviours etc. Consequently, the global crisis is also our spiritual crisis, which means that we have to co-create new ways of living, where we honour our interconnected relationship to all life.
In The Visionary Spirit Mick proposes that the Transformocene Age will emerge through our co-creative efforts to live more consciously and more deeply, where our attitudes, awareness and actions are invested in wholeness. It means that each of us can participate and contribute to an improved future through holistic living. In the book, Mick reveals how the imaginal realm helps us connect to a greater depth of renewal, which can inspire individual and collective transformation.  Enjoy!

Dr Mick Collins worked for 12 years as an NHS occupational therapist in acute mental health settings and in a psychological therapies team. He spent 10 years as a lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Science, UEA, before retiring in 2015. Mick’s research and writing is focused on the links between spiritually transformative experiences and our collective adaptive potential to tackle the global crisis. Mick’s first book The Unselfish Spirit: Human Evolution in a Time of Global Crisis won the 2014 Scientific and Medical Network book prize. He was ‘author in profile’ at the 2014 Hostry Festival, and was interviewed about his book at the 2015 International Hay Festival for Literature. In 2016 he was interviewed about his work on Conscious TV. Mick’s new book The Visionary Spirit: Awakening to the Imaginal Realm in the Transformocene Age was published in March 2018. Mick’s current interests are aimed at helping organisations engage their transformative potential.
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