Clarifying plans for #Emerging Proud day 2018

I’m in! What do I need to do? 

▪ Go to and register your name and location

 ▪ Download all of the FREE resources, you will also be sent an instruction email with the #Emerging Proud film download for FREE

▪ Source a (disabled access friendly) venue to hold your event; preferably in a public place, e.g. library

▪ Recruit Volunteers who are willing to talk about their personal transformation story

▪ Prepare all of the material needed for your big day; Volunteer Profiles etc

▪ Promote your event to your local community using this ‘trending topic’

‘Reframing mental distress as a possible transformation process’

▪ On Sat 12th May hold your SoMe Emerging Proud event; ENJOY!

▪ Return feedback from your Message Board after the event to take part in the research evaluation and the Emerging Proud 2018 International Report

What are you waiting for? SIGN UP HERE! 

In solidarity for the shift,

Katie ❤

Sory sharing warrior

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