Loraine Van Tuyl Interview

In the last of an inspired 3 – part blog about her life, work and future plans, it was an honour and joy to interview Loraine Van Tuyl; our very own #Emerging Proud Mowgli!

Loraine Van Tuyl’s signature Soul Sanctuary Alchemy holistic model is an intuitive, 1 size-fits-all technology of self-healing that especially appeals to spiritual warriors and pioneers yearning to:

  •  tip the scales of consciousness.
  • live a dreamlife that’s sanctified by an inner mystic rather than sabotaged by an inner critic.
  • align with earth wisdom, re-divine themselves, and practice BEING at least 1 degree more PRESENT and grounded in wholeness than in wounding, and enjoy a 180 degree shift in well-being.
  • move from hurting & hiding their magic and wings to healing & leading their mission and callings with grace and guidance from the sacred 7 directions.
  • establish a new status quo where our awakening will be as natural, common and wonder-filled as a butterfly emerging out of a chrysalis.

To find out more sign up at: THE SACRED HEALING WELL

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 17.14.54

Just after I’d prepared this blog I was listening to a random Spotify playlist and this came on…a message of confirmation from the Universe for you Loraine ❤

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