Is it time for you to #Emerge Proud?


“I have heard the stories you tell. You are the one who transforms, who creates.
You can go out into the world and show others.
They will feel less alone because of you, they will feel understood, unburdened by you, awakened by you, freed of guilt and shame and sorrow.
But to share with them you must wear shoes, you must go out,
You must not hide, you must dance…
The shoes are for dancing, not running away.”

Francesca Lia Block

Are you ready to put on your dancing shoes and come out of the spiritual closet?


It’s time to stop hiding in the spiritual closet… CONTACT ME HERE to #Emerge Proud and let others know that it is safe to speak our truth; your soul and the world are waiting for you to be brave ❤

light you shine beacon.jpg

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