Kelly Walsh from Manchester, UK #EmergesProud with the Transformative Power of her Near Death Experience

It is a familiar story that led Kelly to experience her NDE; repressed trauma culminated in a suicide attempt which, thankfully for the world, catalysed a passion in Kelly to work for positive change. Kelly and I will be sharing an interview with you all next week to talk about how her journey to deaths’ door led her to publishing a book and setting up her not-for-profit organisation, the Love, Care, Share Foundation, aimed at positively impacting chilren’s lives all over the world…

Kelly Walsh

Here Kelly gives you a glimpse into the pain that initiated her emergence;

“My family think I am crazy, my brother has disowned me and the only person who ever really understood me, my dad, hung himself in 2015.  He, like me was a sensitive soul.  In many ways I believe he had been dealing with his own supressed trauma combined with a spiritual awaking since childhood.

At times I feel lost, lonely, and misunderstood. However I have to remind myself that no matter how vulnerable I feel at times, it is important that I stand tall and proud and continue to share my most sacred, at times scary, spiritual experiences.

It is only in the love, care, sharing of these experiences that we begin the collective process of changing the world.  

My spiritual awakening began in October 2009 and it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences ever since. Following years of mental anguish caused by my own suppressed trauma I took a huge overdose and tried to end my physical life.  In theory I should be dead or have severe organ damage but Divinity had other plans. In hospital I had a profound near-death Experience, travelled through 7 dimensions, experienced the oneness of the universe and the Power of Divine Love and was told that it wasn’t my time, I still had important work to carry out.  My earthly mission was not yet accomplished.  The message I was given is that Love will heal and transform the world.  Self- love being the most important of all.

I came around from my experience with my arms crossed over my chest and opened them in slow motion and proclaimed that I had met God and Angels.  The following evening I had a vision and shouted out “Like minded souls will collaborate to change the world”.  I was so euphoric and shared my experience with anyone who would listen, however I don’t think I was taken too seriously as I was on a psychiatric ward at the time.  A week later I miraculously walked out of hospital, fully healed. Physically restored by Divine Love but with mental, emotional and spiritual healing still to do.

I now reflect on the years since my Near-death experience and realise I have been on a deep, at times painful and profound, healing journey back to the love I experienced in spirit.  I still have my dark times, like we all do but in those moments I remind myself that the light loves us all beyond any love you could possibly put into words.

I believe its simple desire is that one day we will all see ourselves and each other as our true soul reflection, which is pure Divine love. On this day we will be released from all manmade fear, rejoice in the reality that heaven is already here, and with that level of consciousness ultimately create Peace on Earth.

What I find fascinating is that my late father David Walsh used to talk about seeing the number 33 and a green cross since he was a little boy.   I had my NDE at 33!!!! The significance of the green cross is yet to unveil itself but if anyone reading this can shed any light on it I would greatly appreciate it.  Even my little puppy Coco has got in on the spiritual action.  We chose her 3 months after dad’s transition.  I felt such a special connection to her.  When we picked her up we discovered she was born on the anniversary of my NDE, 9th October.  I knew in that instant she had been sent as a gift from the heavens to aid me with my healing.  However what still flabbergasts me to this day, is that not long after getting Coco I was beginning work on a book project with Doctor Penny Sartori on the Transformative Power of Near-Death experiences. I had just turned on my lap top to start working on the book proposal when she jumped on the sofa, ran across the lap top keyboard and a website appeared and froze on my screen.  It simply said ‘ Gods New Message to the World!’  Seriously you can’t make this s**t up!!!!! No wonder at times I am perceived as crazy because even I find some of the things that happen completely bonkers but rather than doubt ( as I often do) I have to keep trusting that these occurrences are my spiritual satellite navigation system from above.  Easier said than done at times, but I guess one I will look back on the journey, join the dots and it will all make sense.”

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Follow the blog to hear Kelly bravely talk about her experiences in the coming week. Welcome to the #EmergingProud community Kelly; we are so very proud of you ❤













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4 Responses to Kelly Walsh from Manchester, UK #EmergesProud with the Transformative Power of her Near Death Experience

  1. Eliz says:

    Thats all so amazing hun , if we love and help each other but most importantly love ourselves we can make a big impact. My daughter has struggled at school being sensitive and told the old cliche she needs to toughen up. Good luck namaste thanks for sharing


    • Kelly says:

      Thank you Eliz for your kind words, yes love of self so important, I would love to involve your daughter in a project I developing with children , x


  2. Jaco says:

    Sounds like a beautiful experience and I recognize aspects of it from my own experience, in meditation mostly.. About the green gross, perhaps that was a sign of divinity, connected to 33, the year when you had the experience.


    • Kelly says:

      It was jaco thank you and yes your probably right about the cross,just interests me that dad had awareness of this since being a child, X


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