We’re Emerging Kind with FREE film screenings around the UK!

As part of the Emerging Kind project, newly – trained Peer Group Facilitators will be hosting their own Emerging Proud community film screenings in their UK localities, funded by the Missing Kind charity. The idea of these screenings is to attract people who resonate with the concept of spiritual emergence, and may benefit from attending a Peer support group to help with the integration of their STE (spiritually transformative experience).


We noticed previously, after running screenings, that people were often relieved that someone finally seemed to understand what they’d been going through, and were left asking; ‘But what now? Where can I go to connect with others?”

The resources are still few, and so we wanted to create more of the much needed ‘Safe Spaces’ for people to go to; to feel less isolated, to talk openly without fear of being told they were ‘crazy’, to connect with others who’d experienced something similar…

That is what the Emerging Kind Project aims to do.

MediumEmerging-Kind-Logo-with-STRAPLINE copy

Last week I held my first support group in Norwich; it was the most beautiful, heart – expanding experience. A true Peer – Peer space where we started to, and will continue to evolve, our own group guidelines to keep the energy of our space together protected…where we treat each other with unconditional positive regard for the varied journeys that have brought our paths to converge. My path took me around the world, and finally I feel like I’m putting down my community roots back where I belong ❤

If you’re interested to see if a screening and local group are happening in your area, go to this page, which will be regularly updated as new screenings are planned, and groups are set up.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to keep our valuable work going; the Crowdfunder has now ended, but you can contiue to donate directly into the charity’s tEK project pot; all money raised will go to expanding the number of support groups and ultimately, we pray, towards saving lives of those who may be suffering alone ❤

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