Thank you so much for your support. Your contribution could help save lives and improve mental health services. No amount is too small.

Assist in raising awareness and tackling stigma to help those who are suffering feel less isolated. Together with your support we can create a new normal…

I pledge to continue raising awareness in any way I can with whatever the funds will allow – from writing articles for the media, running screening workshops for those experiencing psychological distress and mental health clinicians, to organising big live events to bring together experiencers, expert speakers and researchers.

Ways You Can Help

In addition to making a donation you could…

Help to get the word out – make some noise about the #EmergingProud film on VIMEO and show people that they are not alone!

Spread this movement far and wide on social media!


Encourage your local educational establishment to access the film for their students. 

Official campaign sponsor and dedication opportunity; I am also seeking either an individual or a business to be recognised as the official #Emerging Proud sponsor internationally. 

If you would like to discuss this please CONTACT ME.

….Are you ready to create a new world together?….