Kinda Listening to save lives

“Suicide is everybody’s business

and any one of us could have the opportunity to save a life”

Ruth Sutherland – Chief Executive of the Samaritans

Why are we raising funds for Peers to become tEK Peer Group Facilitators?

By taking part and donating to our Crowdfunding campaign, or possibly becoming a trained tEK PGF, you will be helping us to achieve the most important outcome for tEK project: social impact (aligned with the Objects of tMK charity)

  •      Advancement of health / the saving of lives:

Research into what is most important for people experiencing this challenging awakening process and preventing associated distress, (including possible suicide), says that the most important interventions are reducing isolation and providing validation of personal experience; tEK aims to provide this support to approx. 400 people internationally over the first year (average 10 people per Peer Support Group)

Emerge Kind and click here to support our mission


For the tEK 2018 cohort, we have brought in our UK Trainer, Linda Allen, and her project Kinda Listening, as a foundation for the Peer Support Group Facilitators…

What is Kinda Listening?

Deep listening and empowering conversation

The responsibility for healthy communication and connection lies within each of us to develop skills and capacity to support ourselves and each other in our community.

Kinda Listening training teaches skills in listening to ourselves and each other, so that we can create a ‘safe space within’, so that we are empowered to have the strength to hold a safe space for others.

Full Cup

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Watch this space to find out more about Linda and her Kinda Listening training; the tEK team is growing and we truly appreciate your support to help us achieve our mission to alleviate the distress of those going through a transformational crisis ❤

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