Will you Emerge Kind for Giving Tuesday?


Would you give up your Tuesday coffee money to support our cause?


Your pledge could have to save a life…

Feedback from the 14 countries that took part in the #Emerging Proud launch addressing the question;

“What do we need to create a society in which it’s safer to talk about our madness?”,

clearly stated that we needed ‘Safe Space’ groups, where people going through a spiritual emergence could go to feel validated, supported, and to make sense of their processes without worrying about being pathologised or judged.

We aim to create a network of Peer ‘safe space’ support groups for people who view their mental health crisis as a transformation process; will you help us achieve our goal?

Pledges to the project so far have come from:

  • A Triathlon sponsorship
  • People who have personally found value in receiving such support
  • A family who lost a beloved Brother and Son due to feeling isolated and in need of such support
  • Donated money raised by giving talks on related subjects

Get inventive… What can you do to help us raise these vital funds?

Join our tEK community of Kindness Warriors!


Write in and we’ll blog your giving story! Heartfelt thanks from tEK Team and all of the people your Kind donations will go to help…

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