We are KindaProud of the face behind The Emerging Kind!

Hugh Callacher, the visionary behind the ‘Kinda’ movement, is exactly the Emerging Kind that our new project is championing. Waking up to a greater meaning to life other than wealth, Hugh now donates all of his business profits to support charitable ‘Kind’ projects; he’s Kinda cool!
Hugh tEK
Hugh says…
“Emerging Kind was what I experienced not from the recovery of mental health, but from the recovery of excessive wealth.
I was very lucky, coming from a humble and relatively safe childhood, gifted with a will to work to climb the ladder of monetary wealth.
Reaching the top of that ladder and peering over into a new world I was soon to realise my ladder was on the wrong wall.
I was in a superficial space with  little community or care, ego’s of a size fit only for fairytales, the kindness had gone!
I emerged with a true purpose to support kindness, in particular those gifted with an abundance of unconditional care to give.
‘The Missing Kind’ charity are kindaproud to be supporting Katie and the ‘Emerging Proud’ movement.
We remain sincere to share what we have!”
When I asked Hugh if he’d mind being the first Emerging Kind face of our story- sharing blog, he said he’d be ‘KindaProud’ to do it! So I guess he’s kinda #EmergingProud too!
And I’m KindaProud to introduce the face behind our exciting new project ❤
Kindness Viral
If you’d like to join the #Emerging community, by sharing your #EmergingProud story of transformation, please contact us  and we’ll let you know how…
Watch out for more Emerging Kind faces too; as the project progresses the Peers and group attendees will be sharing their stories of what being part of the Kinda movement means to them.
Onwards #Emergees! ❤
MediumEmerging-Kind-Logo-with-STRAPLINE copy
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3 Responses to We are KindaProud of the face behind The Emerging Kind!

  1. jerzrockunderground says:

    Thanks Hugh! You kinda rock!


  2. Jeannet Weurman says:

    Good to meet you Hugh! And thanks a bunch for your support. 🙂


  3. Tee Clare says:

    Thanks for your Inspiration Hugh!


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