The Emerging Kind

Welcome to our exciting new project; The Emerging Kind (tEK), in collaboration with The Missing Kind (tMK).

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What is ‘The Emerging Kind’ (tEK)?

The Emerging Kind is an exciting new project based on the outcomes from the Emerging Proud International launch events to ‘re-frame madness’. It’s thanks to a UK based charity, The Missing Kind, (tMK), whose Vision, Values and ethos are very aligned with EP, acting as an official sponsor for tEK project that has enabled this dream to become a reality…*

Official sponsor statement:

“The Missing Sock is a trading support company of the charity the Missing Kind and we are proud to be sponsoring the EmergingKind project.
We pledge our utmost support in promoting recovery and opportunity for all those suffering extreme mental anguish”

How tMK and the #EmergingProud campaign align

The Emerging Proud campaign was set up to unite and give a voice to ‘The Missing Kind’ in society; people alienated and often marginalized, and even pathologised, due to feeling like they don’t fit into the world as it is today; disconnected and overly technocratic. In Oct 2016 our social campaign was launched encouraging these people to ‘Emerge Proud’, to share their personal stories of transformation and passion for creating the new paradigm; a world based on compassion, re-connection and celebration of the unique gifts everyone has to offer. These individuals are now connecting all over the world; they are ‘The Emerging Kind’…people who have experienced a spiritual awakening, often due to crisis, which has inspired them to give back. Waking up makes us more conscious of our impact on each other and on the planet; it drives us to live more ethically and compassionately, seeing that every individual alive is equal, whatever their circumstances.

The Emerging Kind project aims to grow a global network of awakened Peers to create safe space local groups, validating and empowering others to emerge through their own crises, enabling them to act on their individual passions and share their unique gifts and kindness in order to create a more connected and compassionate world.

Together we share the power to create the change we wish to see in the world!

Predicted outcomes for tEK project: social impact (aligned with the Objects of tMK)

  • Advancement of health / the saving of lives: Research into what is most important for people experiencing this awakening process and preventing associated distress, (including possible suicide), says that the most important interventions are reducing isolation and providing validation of personal experience; tEK will provide this to approx. 200 people in the UK in the first half of the project, and eventually approx 400 people internationally over the first year (average 10 people per tEK Peer Support Group)
  • Empowering individuals to make a difference to people, planet and animals: Facilitating the development of compassionate, self- sufficient local support groups, spreading kindness and skill- sharing and seeding their own kindness projects in line with their unique passions
  • Increasing inclusivity and connectivity: Through introducing ‘The Emerging Kind’ to each other, in their geographical locations, to mobilise in- person connections irrespective of class, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or anything else that can lead to separation.
  • Education and Training: To develop awareness- raising opportunities, educate and train Peers who are then able to hold space for others going through transformational crisis experiences.

With gratitude to *The Missing Kind team from the Emerging Proud community; united we are stronger to create a better world  

*tEK project has received funding for achieving the first 6 months phase, to support the full year project to achieve its mission please DONATE; all money donated will go to tMK charity and be ringfenced specifically for the Emerging Kind.

Are you interested in being involved? Cick HERE for more detail.

Thank you for your commitment to creating the new world where it’s safer to be our authentic selves!