5 Days until the big launch, and #EmergingProud the film is set to premier in 14 venues, over 10 countries, and be watched in 4 languages – all achieved through the power of people who have emerged through crisis…

Together we are creating the new paradigm. This paradigm is not dictated by money, status or materialism; it’s being dictated by the gifts that can emerge out of the most unlikely places, and the love and connection that facing crisis can gift us all with.

Roots, Jung

In 2009 I came face to face with death. The guilt and shame of an over-riding sense that I’d made an irrevocable cock- up of my life led to a serious suicide attempt. An attempt that left me watching the erratic beeping lines on the monitor attached to my heart grow even more erratic as the gravity of my actions sunk in. Sheer panic that I might actually die. A panic that made me realise what a true gift life can be, if we choose to embrace it fully…

That was the first of the cracks that finally allowed the light that was missing in my life to shine in. I now see it as one of my biggest blessings.

8 years later, (and a lot of difficult and painful processing work that still continues), I am finally emerging out of my own crisis; I am #EmergingProud. There is such a pessimistic portrayal of crisis, not only in the mental health system, but in society as a whole, that I wanted to offer the alternative end of the spectrum; a platform for people to talk about the gifts that their own dark times have brought them.

6 months ago I planted the #EmergingProud seed. It came as a whisper during a meditation; we need another social movement, a grassroots human rights campaign to normalise spiritual experiences and reframe emotional distress as a transformational process…

How better to show the power of transformation than through the voices of those who have experienced it for themselves?

Around 50 interviews later and #EmergingProud the film is set for world premier on 12th May; 13 screenings, 10 countries, 4 languages 

The #EmergingProud seed has grown from an acorn into a mighty Oak, and already it looks like we may well be planting a forest!

Mighty Oaks

All of the people participating in the inaugural #EmergingProud launch events around the world will take part in Open Space discussions aimed at ‘Rethinking madness; how can we create a safer society in which we can openly talk about and support our madness?’ 

Each country will report back to the HOST EVENT IN LONDON  at the end of the day, about what action points and initiatives are happening as a result of their discussions.

An INTERNATIONAL REPORT will be produced and available for free on the #EmergingProud website to show the impact of the first #EmergingProud day in the following countries:

UK (2 events), USA (2 events), ICELAND, GERMANY (2 events), HUNGARY, ROMANIA, FINLAND, BRAZIL, UGANDA and  AUSTRALIA (2 events) 

This is only the beginning – more countries are already asking to join next year and the momentum of #EmergingProud looks sets to continue; we are all dedicated to influencing a positive shift in how crisis is perceived and supported all over the world.

We hope to see you soon!

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2 Responses to 5 Days until the big launch, and #EmergingProud the film is set to premier in 14 venues, over 10 countries, and be watched in 4 languages – all achieved through the power of people who have emerged through crisis…

  1. Tee Clare says:

    Luv is the strongest medicine. 💛💚💙💜


  2. I love that quote by Jung, as someone else said “The quickest way to heaven is through hell.”
    Many Blessings Katie and well done, looking forward to Friday.


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