The time is now for the #Emerging new paradigm in mental health.


I wanted to share an exciting news update with you all… it seems that the time for a shift really is nigh; and that is certainly cause for a celebration.

Yesterday I had a call with a Danish Masters student writing her qualitative research thesis in ‘Communication and Health Promotion’ based on the stories in the #Emerging Proud campaign book. 

The study uses a spiritual narrative to explain patterns and stages of a well established ‘transformational learning theory’, to demonstrate that, although unique, these experiences follow universal patterns from a catalyst experience to the transformation of recovery.

Anne- Kirstine will be interviewed about her research very soon – watch out for that!

The fact that the #Emerging Proud accounts will be documented in this way is exciting in itself, but interestingly enough on the very same day I was contacted by a UK- based Psychologist to inform me of a document due for release which also demonstrates ‘meaningful patterns in emotional distress’, which is set to be ground- breaking in providing an alternative paradigm to understand mental health crises beyond the bio- medical model paradigm.

This shift in the way the Western world views mental distress is potentially the marker of an historically significant change; a positive transformation for humanity.

A press release is in edit and will soon be winging its way to the broadsheets. The time is now; it’s time to proudly step out of the spiritual closet and step onto the new frontier…

Dr Mick Collins, a Mental Health Practitioner and ‘Experiencer’ of spiritual emergence, explains why he feels the #Emerging Proud campaign is so important:


If you’d like to talk part in exciting conversations that are going to lead to tangible actions on the 12th May, then please join us. You can book tickets HERE for the London event, or click HERE for other locations or to access the FILM as it launches. 

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