Bryony Rogers talks ‘Nature as Medicine’ on her proud emergence journey

Bryony Rogers, from Lancaster in the UK, #EmergesProud to tell us about her journey:

After a number of years exploring Goddess energies (which started in my teens and led to my more aware explorations in my twenties) I had a series of visions in the late nineties – the first came to me as I lay floating in a river at a Summer camp and a giant Spirit Eagle came and hovered above me.  He told me ‘Trust, you are Held’, and transmitted a powerful light into my whole body, in a spiritual consummation. This powerful experience opened me up and strengthened my sense of my intuition.

I was guided to live in Findhorn in 1999, where I experienced a rapid awakening at the time of the solar eclipse and started to channel a lot of guidance. Some of this, and the guidance that has come since, has been extremely beautiful and helpful. I have shared some of it on my Song of Awakening website. I saw and communicated with angels and experienced a powerful feeling of the Divine, and the harmony and Oneness of all life.  This experience lasted strongly for about 5 months.

This was eventually followed by some more difficult things. I had an all body experience of being trapped in the earth unable to breathe and I came out of this screaming. I now understand this to be related to my connection to the pain of the Earth mother. I had several huge apocalyptic visions of the end of the world and alien invasion, and was in a crisis state for a number of weeks. Communication was very difficult for me and I was briefly hospitalized.

In the subsequent years I have had repeated experiences of deep opening. After my relationship broke up in 2005, these have been generally followed by crisis and hospitalization. I see now that the lack of deep emotional support made this traumatic occurrence more likely.  In recent years I worked with friends to try to develop a sustainable support network, but this only had limited success. However, in September 2016 I went into crisis state again, after just having met the man who is now my partner. His support, combined with the presence of a supportive flatmate, held me through my crisis time and it healed itself after 5 weeks.

I am feeling deeply connected to the Earth and to my ongoing Awakening journey now. I feel positive about the future. I have returned to film-making and am working on an inspiring documentary project that explores the healing power of Nature, which has been so important to me in my journey. This file will be called Nature as Medicine.  Please look it on Facebook and Indiegogo and support it any way you can.  I am also continuing to work with sacred song and meditation, both in my daily life and in the circles I lead and the groups I am part of.

I access the unitive state again when I connect to Nature, or to great community initiatives like this one, and sense the huge power of the amazing field of life we are all part of.  I remember that I am held, just like the Spirit Eagle reminded me those years ago.

You can find more about Bryony and her work at:

Please check out Bryony’s Indiegogo campaign for her ‘Nature as Medicine’ documentary:

Thank you Bryony, for bravely telling your story, and for your work to help others heal x

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