“Can madness save the world?” Paris Williams #EmergesProud to tell us how.

Paris Williams, PHD, was talking about the need for a paradigm shift in how mental ‘illness’ is perceived back in 2012; could the chaos the world is now in actually be the push humanity needs to bring us to the tipping point for change?

Paris can be reached at www.RethinkingMadness.com

His website contains many wonderful free resources to help understand and support the spiritual emergence process.

Click here to download Paris’s book ‘Rethinking Madness’ for free 

Access the guidebooks Paris made reference to here: http://www.rethinkingmadness.com/articlesblogs/4568990379

And the article from Mad in America: Can madness save the world? 

A huge thank you to Paris for joining the campaign and all he does to support people in their transformation from ‘chrysalis to butterfly’.

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1 Response to “Can madness save the world?” Paris Williams #EmergesProud to tell us how.

  1. E says:

    Holistic health is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.


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