Musician Eddie Shiffler of the NYC band Dogz of Zeus #EmergesProud for us!

“I have been a singer/songwriter my entire life.  My mother died when I was six weeks old at the amusement park, Great Adventure, on a roller coaster.  Ever since that moment, I have had a connection to the spiritual realm.  I evolved through the years through many great teachers.  When I was eighteen years old, I was in a bad mental state.  A friend introduced me to some writings.  I attempted the meditation techniques within the book, and to my surprise, I went through an out of body experience in a very real and literal sense.  I flew above my body, looked back down and zoomed through the floor, into an underground tunnel.  I was floating down a stream, with roots hanging down into the subterranean cavity.  I could hear thousands of voices, in which many started to converge into a single question: “Who is Eddie Shiffler?”  At the end of the tunnel was a light.  The voices began to unnerve me, so I imposed my will upon the situation and declared, “I AM!”  At that moment, I began to lose the ability to continue down the stream, and soon returned to my body, feeling exhausted and electrically twitching.  It was the last time I ever questioned the existence of my soul.”

Email: / DOGZ OF ZEUS 

Sign up to the #EP blog to see more of Eddie’s story and his two beautiful awakening songs which will feature in the official #Emerging Proud film… COMING SOON!

Calling all musicians to #EmergeProud with your music! 

Would you like the chance to have your musical creations feature alongside Eddies’ in an international social movement film? …There’s still time!

Please submit your song via a YouTube link to:

With huge gratitude to Eddie for his wonderful contribution to this movement ❤

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