Ivy Chaya Shiffler from New Jersey #Emerges Proud with artistic grace

Ivy’s story, as an empath and an artist, speaks volumes about the strength of the soul and the potential blossoming contained in the unfolding journey, if experiences are understood as such, and can be supported in an empowering way:

Ivy tells us:

“My childhood started serene, and blissful, on a small farm.  I was instilled with the values of love, nature, fairness and kindness to all creatures.  As I grew older, that outer layer of protection dissolved, and my education and socialization introduced me to the realities of our world. I began to feel myself as a part of everything.  This was both a blessing, and painful work.

Empathy and compassion sometimes overrode my use of common sense, but it also led me to experiences that opened my eyes and unlocked doors. Due to environmental circumstances and shy sensitive nature, I was manic depressive, but somehow always pulled myself out of despair to fulfill my duties. Doubt and fear pulled, but love and support of family and friends, as well as strength of spirit lifted me out of every pitfall.  I was able to endure many unfortunate familial struggles. In my adulthood, I came into my own through art, music, travel and sharing these with other creative souls.

I met my husband, an amazing musician and the love of my life, had three beautiful children together, whom I love more than words can express. We lived in New York City where I was a professional mural artist.  Yet something in my emotional self was still broken, or calling out.  I used everything in my being to remain a stable hardworking mother.

A significant but rocky journey out West, led us back to our roots in Southern New Jersey. This backtracking led to a financial misstep, then illness, scrutiny and stigma- all felt too deeply to tell in a synopsis.  After my third pregnancy, I had a bout of fatigue and insomnia that left me weak and needing help… but my husband was working and the only one available to help me was me.  So, I gathered inner strength and started working through the pain.  The insomnia left me in a dream like state through all of it.  I decided one night when my circadian rhythm woke me, to do housework.  I felt a oneness and a knowing that gave me balance and strength.  I popped up next morning to go to church, but rather than going inside to worship, I ran through the gardens in recognition of my own self being the place of spiritual celebration. Just as my heal clicked onto a golden seal on the paved pathway, the church bells boomed instantaneously, startling and shaking my soul, propelling me forward.  I went inside another church and had acute awareness of my surroundings, as well as a desire to sing with some musicians tuning their instruments. However, I strayed from that. Off to the side saw a classroom where children did art, and felt that would someday be my vocation.  I left that church because my energized state kept me moving, and joyfully ran home to my husband, children and new baby, the cold air and sun invigorating me, the love for them calling me home, and the sight of them, as I found them just rising, fulfilling me, reminding me why I am here.

Like so many of us, I was unable to find proper understanding and care.  We reached out for help and were ambushed by police, social services, and hospitals. The system swallowed me up, took me from my nursing baby, drugged me, forced me into sedation, observation and corrupted my natural healing process.  Didn’t stick!  I have the best husband, and three more unending sources of love and inspiration, and managed to not only survive this trauma, but maintain my whole self, my oneness, and my desire to help, heal, and educate through art.”



Ivy’s powerful representation of her transformation process, entitled:

Phoenix Soul Awakening:


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