VITAL INFORMATION: Re- programming Trauma, Free Presentation

I cannot begin to express how vital this video presentation on Neurofeedback for trauma is for anyone who has experienced, or is working with people, who have experienced trauma.

It not only explains why emotions linked to diagnoses such as PTSD, ADHD, Personality Disorder, Multiple Personality and emotional dysregulation states naturally occur, but HOW THEY CAN BE HEALED NON- INVASIVELY.

It’s with immense gratitude to Dr Bussel Van Der Kolk MD for sharing his work so generously, and to my next #Emergingproud interviewee Heather Hargraves for this link – I can’t wait to learn more from Heather about this, and to get this information out into the world where it so desperately needs to be more widely acknowledged in order to create more compassion and end stigma.

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