Jenny bravely sings us her ‘Self- song’ as she #Emerges Proud today


“All my life people just tell me their personal ‘issues’ and my inherent self simply has an outpouring of words that resonate with them, of which I have no idea where they come from.

All I have ever known is that we are all here to help each other, that I would have two lives in this lifetime; and in recent years know my vocation is teacher, writer, healing channel for LOVE.

In 2015 a first public emerging for me as definitely no singer, this ‘Song to Self’ came channelled out of nowhere through me:

Over the last two years I have experienced homelessness on more than one occasion amongst other extremes of life… would that I had seen a certain article four weeks earlier but no matter that experience was meant to happen.

The experience was that I had the most deeply profound longing to ‘go Home’, truly feeling at peace that I had done all I could to help those in my life to help themselves.

About 6/7 times over a 10/14 day period I had this longing prior to 3 May 2016 when I chose to drop body, though as I am still here, I know I am meant to be.

Whilst I am totally clear on what and why I did what I did, I now have strained relationships with loved ones who do not understand and are insistent it was an attempt at ‘suicide’, which it absolutely was not.

I am holding loving space and standing in my own truth, knowing full well that those of my loved ones who are not ready to follow their Soul Journey are likely to become estranged until they too understand.

I know everyone has their own belief systems for we are each individual and Unique, and I simply LOVE regardless of judgement.  I know my truth and do not have to prove myself to anyone, I do though feel great human sadness at the separation from my dear loved ones in what seems my ‘first life’ in this life.

Though I have had better times; all the devastatingly traumatic challenges I and my loved ones have faced week in, week out, month on month have not weakened my resolve to keep the faith, trust and BELIEVE in my Inherent Soul; in the loving kindness of others; and in the pure power of healing.

Mindful that we get to choose our own thoughts we can always change perspective, I come from a place of loving forgiveness.

LOVE always HEALS fear, no matter what experiences we may encounter.

My story is not just mine but my husbands too for he has had some amazing experiences from channelled healings together, bringing out the most amazing artworks!

Our Spirit is AWESOME! 🌹”

Jenny Tollinton


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