When words don’t cut it; the consequence of destructive labelling

We met Tee Clare when he bravely shared his story by video earlier in the campaign.

Here Tee shares some of his amazingly expressive artwork, which speaks loudly of the destructive effect psychiatry’s reductionist labelling can have on a person who is trying to make sense of their struggle.

TeeClareEP .png


Thank you Tee, for sharing so openly ❤



All pieces are 5 1/2 inches squared

Carved plywood “drawings” with

Black enamel paint




1) TITLE: Getting to Know You.

wHo WEre tHEy TaWkINg abOUT?

ScHizoPHrenic? muLTipUle perSONalitY diSORDer?

ThATz NOT me. THEy muST bE tAwkING abOUT yUo.

I aM yOu.

Tee 1.jpg

2) TITLE: Swatting Flies

wORdZ, THOugHTz, plANz, sONgs,MEmORies, fEArz, lUv,

PAraNOia, HatrEd, birTh, dEATh

ZuiSidE, “oUT OuT dArK sPOT,”

OuT OF mIE HeaD, lEAVE meE,

AL-ONE iN pICE, SOL iTuDe, zEReniTy…

Tee 2.jpg

3) Title: Trap Door

EyE dONt nO wHeRE I wUz warKING wHEn I faWleD ThRu tHa tRAP dOe.

I lEFT eAt aWL bEHinD Mea,

EyE dRED tHa CrAsH oN iMPaCT n THa zOUnd oF bReaKING bownz

Tee 3 .jpg

4) Title: leaf on the wind

SO TireD, flACID, nO mOr fiGHT LefT,

eXHaUzTeD, suRrENDeR, cOMplY,

sURe i wILL TaKe tHe meDs,

LeT tHe wINd caRRy mEE wHeRe iT mAyy

Tee 4 .jpg

But then words can be a saviour too; read  Tee’s beautiful blog here.

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