Sperry Andrews set to share the wisdom of his 30 year research into the cosmic dimensions where physics and consciousness collide

The magic of Universal connections never fails to amaze me. My next #Emerging Proud interviewee is going to have you on the edge of your seats…

It’s a huge honour to announce that very soon Sperry Andrews will be sharing with us his findings from over 30 years of research into the science of consciousness, his developments on Einstein’s unified field theory, and his astounding project, of which he is Founding Director, the Human Connection Institute  Meet Sperry:

sperryWhether one-on-one, serving on a team or as a group facilitator, Sperry loves sharing experientially and insightfully. His background is in physics, neuroscience, philosophy, (para)psychology, art and art history, healing, mysticism, and filmmaking, For over thirty years, he has explored two-way telepathic awareness internationally with hundreds of groups, contributed to original laboratory research in the field of distant mental influence, co-authored and published essays on the emergence of Consciousness as wholly integrated with the evolution of space-time, energy, matter, mind and body.

A near death experience at age 4 propelled a 60 year dedication to consciousness research. This speaks volumes for the profundity of these ‘altered states of consciousness’ experiences.

You can find a link to Sperry’s personal website here.

I am so excited to learn more about the Human Connection Institute , a project designed to help shift the separative “mind-set” of humanity.  Sperry states: “It is our sense that our interconnectedness needs to be felt and thought, intuitively by every human being. This project intends to present scientifically derived images of human interconnectedness via news reports, print media, talk show formats, feature documentaries and dramatic films.”

The Advisory Board of the the Human Connection Institute includes eminent Scientists such as; Larry Dossey, M.D., Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., David Lorimer, P.G.C.E., Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D., Karl Pribram, Ph.D., Dean Radin, Ph.D., Peter Russell, D.C.S. and Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D.

I am starting to wish I’d paid more attention in my Physics class; I think I’m going to need to take a deep breath and lots of caffeine before this interview! With huge gratitude to Sperry for taking the time to share his wisdom and insights, not to mention his dedication to making the world a better place for us all to consciously live.




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