MIND, BODY, SPIRIT connection: Spiritual awakening in relation to physical dis-ease



Once hardly able to walk and diagnosed with ME and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Frances Goodall is now an energetic and, ‘healthier-than most’, keen runner, EFT practitioner, life coach and trainer.

I am excited to be interviewing Frances next week about her incredible journey through spiritual awakening which manifested itself, as she describes it, through her …”body, dense with trapped energy and emotions…”  This is not uncommon, although still hugely misunderstood within Western medicine.

Frances believes that more awareness could help thousands of people back to full recovery. Sign up to the blog to make sure you don’t miss her insights, such as this:

My secrets to recovery were learning to respond to my emotions, clearing old emotions and following a spiritual path, yet learning to trust once it felt it had all gone terribly wrong! Also to learn again and again to come back to the present moment and to accept however that was, that through acceptance things would naturally start to shift, but resistance would keep the situation locked in place. You can recover, begin to believe you can and take positive action to help you get there! It will likely require some financial investment and commitment to practicing what you learn, but in the end you can get there and it will have been so worth it. Also please don’t be put off by my ‘kundalini awakening’ experiences that were difficult, for a start it was a lot because I went into spiritual practice with the desire to awaken to the truth very quickly. Now I’m not seeking awakening, just continuing with the life work of integrating the spiritual awareness more fully into my body and mind. Being as balanced, humble and whole a human being as I can be moment by moment, and that it will over flow quite naturally into all areas of my life. That it may assist me in being of better service to others and the world.

In the years since being well I have loved developing my work and life to a place where I am very happy with it. I have now thousands of hours of client experience. I have specialied in using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and being an Amygdala Retraining Coach to help people recover from Chronic Fatigue and related conditions.

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