Muslims Emerging Proud through Mental Distress – it’s here!

The prophets did not hide from their emotional states, so why should you and I?


This Pocket book, the 6th in the ‘#Emerging Proud through…’ series, has been a real journey.

As a team, culturally divided, we have cried, got frustrated on numerous occasions, celebrated differences, but most importantly we have found a depth of connection and created bridges through shared vulnerability and acknowledging the pain that we experience as a human race, irrelevant of religion.

The Muslim team have been an incredible inspiration, and their dedication has seen the birth of a new venture for their future:

Chapters of Solace

Chapters of Solace was birthed and inspired from the Emerging Proud KindaProud Book series, #Muslims Emerging Proud through Mental Health distress. This groundbreaking book aims to break the silence, taboo, and stigma in Muslim communities around mental health issues, providing a platform to share recovery stories and give hope and inspiration to our friends, families, and communities. The name Chapters of Solace is derived from Chapters representing the Surahs from the Holy Quran, in particular chapter 12 (Surah Yusuf) and Solace in the hope of finding tranquillity.

The Quran very clearly shows us that feeling our emotions is a foundational step to vulnerability. We believe that in the Muslim community, we need to stop incorrectly correlating complicated feelings with ingratitude. Someone can be feeling intense pain and still be grateful.

#Emerging Proud champions the potential catalyst of crises – find out how the Contributors of this book used their experiences of adversity to empower change in their lives…


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1 Response to Muslims Emerging Proud through Mental Distress – it’s here!

  1. IvyChayaArt says:

    Very moving, thank you to all the contributors and brave souls.


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