Muslims Emerging Proud through Mental Distress due to publish in September 2021

Last Friday I met with my wonderful Muslim team to finalise their manuscript. There were such mixed emotions; I’m going to so miss woking with these inspirational women, it’s been such a journey of learning and growth. We may have different views of ‘faith’, but we connect deeply in shared values and real human emotions – these are where bridges are built and any differences pail into insignificance. We started work on this book before the pandemic and this was be our first IN PERSON meeting!

Not only are these women bravely sharing their personal stories of emerging through crises in their upcoming publication, they are pushing the boundaries of what is seen as acceptable in their faith. As Rep Ayan shares…

The year of the global crisis has brought many challenges, but it has also pushed many to speak out authentically about what important progressions are needed due to recognising the preciousness of life, and this is how trauma can lead to influencing positive change…

Watch this space for more news on how to get hold of your copy of this ground- breaking book very soon!

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