#Emerging Proud day 2021; A Day for Radical Self- Care

12th May 2021 will see our 5th #Emerging Proud birthday…

For the first time I haven’t had it in me to plan anything, and that’s okay. It’s been a crazy tough year for us all.

This year we lost one of our beloved community to suicide because she was too sensitive to bare the pain of the world as it is… radical self care is the only way forwards this year my lovelies.

Those of us who struggle with the world the way it currently operates – devoid of emotion – often identify as being labelled with a mental ‘illness’, Highly Sensitive or Autistic…

There is absolutely nothing ‘wrong’ with us, we can purely feel so deeply that the world doesn’t work the way it currently is and we harbour a deep longing for it to be different, more sensitive and compassionate.

We often feel that it’s our duty to bring about this change, but this can cause our downfall – oh the paradoxes of life.

We need rest. We need radical Self Care right now… saving ourselves is our ONLY task.

If you’re struggling right now you’re not alone, I promise.

Please take 12th May as a day for unapologetic radical Self- Care and I will too.

I’m holding my hands out into the darkness in solidarity with you my sensitive tribe – we can get through this, and the world will become a better place purely by us learning to save ourselves ❤

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